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The best images on Instagram in 2019

Melhores imagens do instagram best images 2019

Yes, I know, this post about my best images on Instagram in 2019 is lagging behind since I’m posting in January. But this is a year in review that I like to do a lot, as I remember which destinations I visited last year, but also the images that captured your attention.

So, let’s go! These are the stories behind my most enjoyable moments on Instagram in 2019.


This image was taken in the Fall of 2018, but I used it in 2019, to tell you some tips on things to have and use when exploring new paths.

The approach I took last year (and also following this year) is not shown only the destinations, but also gives suggestions about the best way to travel. Helping you to explore the world better is one of the goals of this blog and all of its social networks!


In February, I returned to São Miguel in the Azores. I manage to go back there in December, but this earlier trip had a unique feeling because I went with my parents!

Mrs. Catarina and Mr. Carlos never went to the Azores, so it was a great pleasure to show them this fantastic island.

My parents have always traveled, and often I went along with them. Now to be able to take them there was excellent, and I couldn’t have picked the best destination.


2019 was a remarkable year because, together with other extraordinary travel bloggers, we started ABVP – Portuguese Travel Bloggers Association.

This is one of the big news of 2019, and it started a big bang: a trip with the founders to Morocco.

With the support of the Tourism of Morocco, we visited four emblematic cities of this country of the Maghreb.

This picture was taken in one of them, in Tetouan. This man was on one of the streets selling fruit, and his smile says all about the sympathy of these people.


Another trip to the Azores. This was taken at the Santa Iria viewpoint, with an unbelievable sight of the north coast of the island of Sao Miguel.

It also served as a motto to show you a post that I wrote about things to do on the island with bad weather. Because the climate on these islands sometimes betray us, but there are always plenty of activities to do.


Many of you may not know, but most of the trips I make are in the company of my boyfriend, Nuno. He’s often behind the images in which I appear.

Poor guy, it’s not easy being a travel blogger boyfriend and always hearing the phrase, “can you take me a picture here?”.

But to tell you the truth, I think he’s already used to it and even like it since he’s often suggesting places to shoot a pic. 🙂

This photo and this post were to thank the best travel companion in the world. Whether I was a travel blogger or not.


This was taken in my hometown Ericeira, the village of my home and my heart. No matter how much I travel, nothing beats my hometown on sunny days, blue sea, and fantastic surf!

It’s a place where I love to return after each trip.


One of the great adventures in 2019 was Indonesia. I returned to Bali after years away. Anyone who knows me and follows the blog knows that most of my trips have waves and surf. Bali, the world’s surfing Mecca, was my first international leisure destination, and coming back this year was such a pleasure.

As in my first time there, I chose to stay at Bingin. This picture was taken there. Nuno was in for the last surf of the day, and I stayed at the beach taking pictures of the sunset. This image is a junction of both those moments.

And even after the day ended, we stayed at the beach. We dined in a restaurant with tables on the sand and drank some Bintangs. Truly wonderful!


It’s one of my favorite photos from the trip to Morocco I made with ABVP. And one of the best received, including the Portuguese newspaper Publico, that shared it on their Instagram.

This is Abdel, our guide for those days. Abdel took us to the streets of Fez, where this picture was taken.


The Jewish Quarter of Tetoan. It was one of the big surprises for me in that city. I walked around peeking into houses and shops and feeling the pulse of those marvelous streets.


The 10 best images on Instagram liked by you also ends with Morocco. Chefchaouen was among the cities visited, and, of course, I couldn’t help but take a classic photo on the streets of the blue city.

This stop had an exceptional feeling for me, as it was my first trip to Morocco many years ago. Coming back and being able to record the moment this time made me very happy.

And you, what were your best destinations in 2019? Tell me all about it in the message box below. Let’s talk!

If you liked the post or are fans of the blog, share it on your social media and with all your friends. Let’s spread this love of travel and inspire others to know this beautiful world !!

Best images on Instagram in 2019

See which destinations I visited in 2019 and which images have received the most likes on Instagram. Because remembering is also a way to keep traveling.
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