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Love and a… campervan!

autocaravana Indie campers campervan

Are you out of ideas for celebrating Valentine’s Day? How about touring Portugal with a campervan?

The idea comes from Indie Campers, a leading campervan rental company that’s celebrating its 6th birthday, and is challenging Portuguese couples to travel the famous National Road n.2 (EN2) that runs through the country from Chaves to Faro.

In total, the EN2 has 738 km, covering 11 districts, 35 municipalities, 4 mountains and 11 rivers, which makes it one of the most significant Portuguese roads.

The idea from ​​Indie Campers is to celebrate this special occasion with a visit to the Douro’s vineyards, through Alentejo plains, historical monuments, and old villages, with special stops in Chaves, Viseu, Penacova, Piódão, Sertã, and Faro.

And because you’re going to the Algarve, don’t forget to take a surfboard and enjoy discovering the southern beaches.

If you’re interested in traveling with Indie Campers, be advised that — according with the information released by the company — they’re renting campervans from 49 euros per night. See their website for more information.

autocaravana Indie campers campervan

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