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To travel in Portugal is one of the most amazing experience you’ll ever have. Is one of the most beautiful countries in Europe and with the most history to tell. From the beautiful coastline and cities nearby to the hidden gems in the North and Alentejo regions, you could spend weeks and weeks here and not be able to visit it all. Lisbon is growing as a major European capital and it may well be the starting point to discover this beautiful country called Portugal.

Feira de Domingo

In Lisbon, Portugal, the biological markets are multiplying during at the weekend and, on Sunday, the place to be is at the LX Factory.

Nazaré Challenge

If you have heard of Nazaré, in Portugal, you have certainly heard stories about the giant waves that exist there. It was just a few years ago that surfer Garrett McNamara broke the Guinness record with the biggest wave ever surfed.


How many of us have walked the beach and found garbage that comes out of the sea? The image is not pretty and it was to fight against it that three surfers got together and created Skeleton Sea.

Web Summit

The Web Summit was held this week in Lisbon, and for three days the city was buzzing with the more than 50,000 participants from 166 countries, who invaded the city, filled hotels and marveled at everything the Portuguese capital has to offer.

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