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Jane Goodhall Institute at Web Summit

At the Web Summit, technology speaks louder and this year was side by side with environmental issues. Among the guests were two incredible women: Melati Wijsen and Jane Goodall. Two generations so different that they come together for the sole purpose of preserving the environment.

Não ao plástico

I only have fond memories of Bali, but the images I see today are so sad. The plastic is confused with the white of the beaches and the blue of the sea. On this World Environment Day, know what you can begin to cut in order to help preserve the planet.


Does beach sand will ever disappear? It sounds impossible, but it’s a reality. If the levels of sand extraction continue to today’s rhythm, it’s entirely possible that in 2100 some beaches will be a beautiful memory. Don’t know how this can happen? Environmental hazard? Continue reading this article.

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