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10 most liked images on Instagram in 2018


Another year has passed and it’s time to review it. Because every great moment of 2018 was recorded in this great app called Instagram, I leave here my top 10 of images with more likes this year and the story behind each one of them.

1. Partnership

It was my first partnership with a cosmetic brand. I thought well about this because, above all, my responsibility is to the readers of the blog, is with you, and with those who follow me on social networks. Everything I suggest has to meet what I really like and recommend.

So, after testing these facial products, I saw they had quality and accepted the challenge. After all, who’s the traveler that doesn’t have a moisturizing cream in her necessaire?

This image is part of a set of photos that I took for this partnership and apparently it was much appreciated by Instagram followers and is in 10th place in the images with the most likes of the year.

2. High Flight

Surfing is part of my life, this blog and, of course, my social networks, so, from time to time it appears on the feed. This is one of those images.

It was taken in Peniche, Portugal, by Nuno, my on-call photographer, surfing, travel, and life companion.

In the confusion of the line-up, this surfer emerged behind me and decided to leave the wave in mid-flight.

A rare — and fun — moment that resulted in the 9th place with the most liked photos of the year.

3. Au Naturel

Sometimes our simplest image is the most appreciated.

No make-up, few rags, hair full of salt. This is my normal state when I travel to hot destinations. This image was taken in Sri Lanka, in a small bar by the beach.

In the world of Instagram, where every image seems to be taken by professional photographers, after a showroom visit and a trip to the hairdresser and makeup artist, sometimes a “real photograph” deserves the true likes.

4. Halloween

Trick or Treat! 🙂 I posted this picture for Halloween and didn’t scare anyone. On the contrary! Many followers liked and put their like.

It was taken during the trip I made to California, USA. My first stop was in Los Angeles and once there I had to go to Universal Studios.

I traveled in early October 2011 and everything was prepared for the Halloween celebrations.

Without any spell, it reached the 7th position of the top of images with more likes of 2018.

5. The Temple

Yes, Sri Lanka reappears on this top. It was a fabulous trip and the countless photos that I have tell stories that never end.

Between regions — and we traveled much of the country — we discover this magnificent temple, desert, with only one man taking care of it.

The interior was beautiful, well maintained, filled with color. In the end, the blessing came in the form of a dot on my forehead. Memorable!

6. Street Art

Of course, my hometown also has a little space around here.

Lisbon has fallen on the world’s graces and has become a travel destination of choice in Portugal and Europe.

In several places, it’s possible to find true works of art… in this case, of street art.

This mural is in the LX Factory, a “factory of experiences” full of lovely shops and restaurants. Undoubtedly, a place to visit in the Portuguese capital.

7. Rome

Roma, la bella Roma. From monuments to art, everything inspires History. As a friend of mine says: we kick a stone in Rome and quite possibly this stone is hundreds and hundreds of years old.

The image was captured from the Castel Sant’Angelo with the Basilica of St. Peter, in the Vatican, peeking.

8. Peace

Ah, amazing Nicaragua! It was The Trip of 2018. Colonial towns, islands with volcanoes and beaches, lots of beaches.

A paradise in Central America that at the time of my visit was in internal conflict. Demonstrations and road blockades, which faded when we reached beaches like this.

It was surely the peace that the photography conveys that earned it so many likes and the 3th position in this top.

9. Smile

Give me sunshine, sea breeze in the face, waves on the horizon and it’s to see me smiling from ear to ear.

One more shot of Nicaragua, this time while we discovered the beaches on the Pacific side. Unfortunately, we missed the coast by the Caribbean Sea. Maybe for an upcoming trip. For now, here’s the smile that seems to have conquered the likes on the Instagram.

10. House In The Trees

On top of the 10 most liked images on Instagram in 2018 is this photo taken at the TreeCasa Resort in San Juan Del Sur, Nicaragua.

I had the honor of being invited to stay at this resort in the middle of the forest during my visit to that country of Central America.

Apart from the bungalows being authentic little treehouses, this accommodation has the best pools I have ever seen, food produced with vegetables from the garden itself and incredibly helpful and friendly staff.

So, here are the 10 images that deserved your important Like on Instagram during 2018.

I love making these reviews because they are the reminder of so many happy moments not only this year as of past trips.

Thank you so much for being here and for following me on Instagram. What? Still not following the Surfer Girl On The Move Instagram? Come aboard and don’t miss a bit of this Surfer Girl’s travels. 🙂

Now, bring on 2019 and all the new images and memories!

Most liked images on Instagram

Here's the year in review with the 10 most liked images on Instagram during 2018. Get to know the stories behind them.
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