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Gonçalo Cadilhe

In one week I read “In The Steps of Saint Anthony,” Gonçalo Cadilhe’s new book. An easy reading, which brought positive and negative sides to my first approach to the work of the Portuguese author.

Notícias para ler News to read

How about sleeping in the Sydney Opera House? And what would you say to a trip to Wales to know their legends? In this post you will also get to know the safest airlines for 2017 and I have great news about Morocco!

Notícias para ler

A new museum in Paris and the first one built underwater in Spain. Learn about the most on-time airlines and the days when stars will fall from the sky.

Feira de Domingo

In Lisbon, Portugal, the biological markets are multiplying during at the weekend and, on Sunday, the place to be is at the LX Factory.

Imagens de 2016

2016 came to an end and it was a year full of good times! To remember them, I took a look at the photos that deserved the most likes on Instagram and I tell their story.

Nazaré Challenge

If you have heard of Nazaré, in Portugal, you have certainly heard stories about the giant waves that exist there. It was just a few years ago that surfer Garrett McNamara broke the Guinness record with the biggest wave ever surfed.

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