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A mala da prancha de surf

For those who think that making a surftrip is as easy as picking up the board and hit the road… you’re wrong! There’s much to take into account when we’re making our travel bag.

Ericeira Nossa Sra Nazaré

Portugal is a country full of tradition and a lot of popular and religious festivals that are held every year throughout the country. Ericeira is no exception and this weekend began the celebrations of Our Lady of Nazareth.

Aeroporto de Munique Munich Airport

Yes, you read it well. What if I told you it will be possible to surf in the airport terminal of the Bavarian capital? And on top during the Oktoberfest?

Surfer Girl On The Move

I heard that today, August 31, marks the International Blog Day, so what better opportunity to extend a big THANK YOU to all who follow this travel website? 🙂

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