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6 Places To Visit In March

Holi Fest

If you’re a fan of Carnival, there are plenty of places to visit in March and even if you are late for the celebrations, these destinations remain incredible places to travel to.

On the other hand, if masks aren’t your cup of tea, open your arms to receive Spring that also starts this month. These are wonderful places to do it.

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Is Carnival time and Rio de Janeiro has to be on this list. This beautiful Brazilian city fascinates every day, but there’s no better place to be this month, as Rio is now full of color and music. And you don’t have to go to the Sambódromo to watch parades and feel the pulse of this place. Almost all neighborhoods are filled with the joy of the so-called street blocks, local samba groups that don’t leave anyone indifferent with their sounds and carnival costumes.


Venice, Italy

And since we’re talking about Carnival, Venice is also a must-see. It starts two weeks before Ash Wednesday and ends on Fat Tuesday.
During this period, the streets of Venice and, in particular, Piazza San Marco are filled with Renaissance costumes and masks, which make this event unique in the world. There are parties, parades, concerts, and dances all over the city.
If you don’t have the opportunity to get on a plane before Carnival ends, be sure to make the trip to this magnificent Italian town and enjoy the calmer days, now without the crowds of visitors.

Carnaval Veneza
© Ingeborg Gärtner-Grein | Unsplash

New Orleans, USA

As in Venice, the Mardi Gras parades have long begun in New Orleans, but it may still be possible to watch the closing of the festivities.
Stop by the classic Bourbon Street, don’t miss the Cafe du Monde and, if you have the opportunity, take a river cruise aboard one of the famous steamboats.
Of course, these are all activities you can do days after Mardi Gras, with less confusion and possibly at more affordable values.

Mardi Gras New Orleans

Washington, USA

Putting aside Carnival, and because March is also the month when Spring begins, why not go to Washington to watch the first blossoming of the cherry trees?
The National Cherry Blossom Festival runs between March 20 and April 13 and is packed with activities that honor American and Japanese cultures.
During the festival, all eyes will be in the branches of the more than 3 thousand cherry trees scattered throughout the city.
The opening ceremony is scheduled for March 23 at a free event at the Warner Theater. This is followed by other special moments, such as a kite festival (March 30), the Petalpalooza (April 6) or the grand parade on the last day.

Cerejeiras em flor

Dublin, Ireland

Speaking of major events in March, Saint Patrick’s Day also justifies a special trip to Dublin.
This day is celebrated all over the world, wherever there is an Irish community, but it’s in this city that gains greater expression.
Numerous events are scheduled between March 14-18, but it’s the big parade on Sunday, the 17th, that drives crowds.
It begins at Parnell Square and ends at Kevin Street, and you can purchase tickets to watch everything from a bench.

Saint Patrick's Day

Delhi, India

From Irish green to the biggest festival of colors in the world! The Holi Festival takes place on March 21 and is one of the biggest events in northern India.
Marking the beginning of the new season, the victory of good (spring) over evil (winter), Holi Fest is a celebration full of music and lots of colors. The participants paint themselves and throw the Gulal into the air, colored powders that make all people look the same, without castes, origin or religion.

Holi Festival
© Himanshu Singh Gurjar | Unsplash

Did you like the suggestions? What are your plans for March? Leave your opinion in the comments box below.

Best Places To Visit In March

This is the month of Carnival and the start of Spring. Get to know the best places to visit in March.

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