Ah, the Lonely Planet guides … they’re my travel bible! Come American Express or other publications, but the little books from Lonely Planet have always been (and will!) my trusted companions.

Directions, tips, descriptions always match what I’m looking for and what I will find. I did this test when I traveled to California (USA), knowing nothing.

Now Lonely Planet seems to want to extend the theme of their guides… Have you seen the latest release of the publisher: “Toilets: A Spotter’s Guide”.



Yes, you read well. The latest Lonely Planet guide offers us a journey through the world’s best bathrooms. More than 100 “houses” ranging from Antarctica to Zambia! Want to visit / use the bathroom with the best view? You will find it. The greener “throne”, made from sticks and stones? Also there.

Well, there are all kind of tourism and certainly there may be those who have great interest in this matter. But, if it’s not the case, it’s still a great reading material to have in the bathroom back home, don’t you think? 😉

Tell me in the comment box: Is this a trip you would do — Get to know the best bathrooms in the world?