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Cale Do Oiro – A Place Full of Aveiro

Cale do Oiro

Cale do Oiro was my accommodation choice during the weekend of the National Geographic Exodus Aveiro Fest, and I couldn´t have made a better decision. Everything that characterizes the city is very present in this hotel unit.

Whoever arrives at the big orange building, right next to the market, can’t guess what it holds inside. The reception coexists closely with a small lounge and the entrance to the breakfast room. The details prevail here. From the image of the regal-looking dog next to the reception desk to the small objects placed strategically on the shelves, that carry us to the travel imaginary.

Cale do Oiro Cale do Oiro

My arrival was previously arranged by email because the reception is only open until 8 pm (10 pm Fridays and Saturdays). After this time, the main door of Cale do Oiro closes, with the entrance and exit of guests made by a side door, only accessible with the room card.

Cale do Oiro’s receptionist was super helpful. Knowing that this was my first visit to Aveiro, he quickly pulled out a map and began to point out the main points of attraction in the city. In addition to the hotel unit, Cale do Oiro offers other tourist activities, such as visiting the salines or trips aboard the local boats called Moliceiros, which can also be booked at the reception.

Room with Salt and Sweet Flavor

Well, the word “flavor” is just an expression, but the salt was the starting point for the decor of the room I was assigned. The exploration of this element is as old and essential to the city as the water channels themselves. And this is reflected in the beautiful panel that adorns the headboard of the bed.

Cale do Oiro

The room is large enough for a single. If it were two persons, the place would be a little tight. Also small is the bathroom shower. Maybe the only negative point I have to point out about this stay.

The decor is simple but lovely, in white and light wood. Super bright! The bed and pillows were very comfortable, and I was even entitled to a small balcony facing the market and the water channel.

Cale do Oiro

And even the local sweets were present, in a small welcome gift left on the bed. Perfect!

The breakfast was included and served in a room next to the reception. A very satisfying meal. However, it didn’t lose anything if it had a little more variety. Maybe some different cheeses or some eggs. But overall, everything was delightful!

Cale do Oiro

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Cale do Oiro, Aveiro

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And what about you? Do you know Aveiro? What do you think about this accommodation? Share your opinion in the comments box below.

Surfer Girl Note: This article doesn’t have any sponsorship or support from Cale do Oiro. The choice and payment of my stay was entirely my responsibility.

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