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Exodus Aveiro Fest

Check the calendar because I’m sure you will not want to miss this event. Between 1 and 3 December, Aveiro, in Portugal, will host some of the best photographers and videomakers in the world in the first edition of the Exodus Aveiro Fest.

I’m talking about 10 experts sharing experiences, giving tips on their work and inspiring us to travel even more.

“This is the festival of travelers, explorers, adventurers, photographers, videographers and dreamers.”

Still not convinced? So, read what’s next …

1. Luxury guests at the Exodus Aveiro Fest

Let’s start with the most important: the list of speakers of this festival. Those who follow closely media such as National Geographic have probably already come across some of the images of these photographers. I’m talking about names like Ami Vitale, Elia Locardi or GMB Akash, just to name a few.

It pays to spend some time reading the biographies of the guests of the Exodus Aveiro Fest and just imagine the stories they’ll have to tell.

Exodus Aveiro Fest

2. Masterclasses with the masters

Besides the conferences, the photographers and videomakers will also give masterclasses, on December 3. This will be a unique opportunity to learn from the best, develop techniques and learn skills, all in three-hour sessions. More than time to learn the lessons.

3. Exhibitions and activities

From photo exhibitions (of course), the presence of image and travel brand stands, and a second-hand product market, there is no shortage of options to spend time between the various conferences.

4. And what about the mingle?

There’ll also be time for that! Quite possibly everyone at the Exodus Aveiro Fest has a great passion for travel and image, so what better place to meet other aficionados, exchange impressions and make contacts. And if the days will be long, the nights also promise, with the Late Night Sessions.

And now? Already a believer?

If I convinced you, know that to attend the conferences or participate in a masterclass you’ll have to buy a ticket. Check out the official website of the Exodus Aveiro Fest and also know the entire schedule.

Exodus Aveiro Fest2

See you there? 🙂

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