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Bicaense Butchers: A Classic Reinvented

Bicaense Butchers Lisboa Portugal

In my college days in Lisbon, there were some classic places where we always went at night to drink and be with friends. Bicaense was one of those places.

Located at Bica de Duarte Belo Street, nowadays much sought after by tourists, for classic photos of the old elevator, Bicaense always had lots of fans and regulars customers. However, after the closing of the bar last January, it was a big unknown as to what would be born in such an iconic place.

And here enter Bicaense Butchers!

This new Lisbon restaurant took the area and gave it a new look. The atmosphere remains intimate, and the old marble panels are still in the walls.

Sala Bicaense Butchers Room

“We wanted to keep the place as before, keep its soul,” says Eduardo Viegas, one of the new owners.

The novelty comes now in the small details. In the twisted water glasses, in the metal mugs that keep the drinks cold, in the modern lamps.

Bicaense Butchers: for meat lovers and more

A menu of Bicaense Butchers has in its star courses matured meat. In fact, right at the entrance, there’s a refrigerator where these pieces are displayed. After all, the restaurant has “Butchers” in its name.

Eduardo suggested the House Steak and at the table arrived a beautiful steak of matured meat covered with mustard sauce. “The sauce was made respecting an old house recipe,” he told us. And it did not disappoint! And look, I’m not even a big mustard lover.

Comida Bicaense Butchers Food

Another star of the night (and it may seem little) were the potatoes. They were the best sweet potato sticks I’ve ever tasted! I could eat a pound of them!

But even if you’re not a meat lover, in this restaurant you can also opt for a salad, which I didn’t try, but it looks delicious.

Bebida Bicaense Butchers Drink

In what concern the beverages, and also at the owner’s suggestion, I accompanied my meal with a Moscow Mule. A cocktail made with vodka, ginger, and lemon. I don’t usually go for the so-called “white drinks,” even more at dinner time, but I accepted the challenge, and it tasted quite good.

Moreover, cocktails are another house specialty and are worth a try.

In summary, Bicaense Butchers is a lovely restaurant with good food and a fantastic ambiance. To return without a doubt!

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Join me on this visit to Bicaense Butchers, in Lisbon, Portugal. A city night classic now reopened as a restaurant with a new soul.
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