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Another Restaurant Week in Lisbon and another good restaurant to try. This time I gave myself to Chef Chakall ‘s flavors and visited his restaurant Volver de Carne Y Alma.

For those not yet familiar with the concept of Portugal Restaurant Week (were have you been ?!) is having access, for a week, to top restaurants for €20 for a pre-selected menu.

Made the introductions, there we went to Volver and the experience was wonderful!

At the entrance we sat down a little bit by the counter, to absorb the environment, very elegant and intimate. Although not part of the set menu, I decided to try a Daiquiri Volver (6.50 €) which was wonderful, served in a jar (ever noticed that the jars are the new it product to serve anything?).

After the Bar we moved to the table and from there on a festival of flavors.

The covert wasn’t also part of the menu (worth an additional charge of 2€ per person) but who can resist? We couldn’t. 😉

But let’s get down to business. As we were only two for dinner we’ve decided to ask each of the two options that the menu offered.

To the table came a ‘Chori à la pizza’ (Cow Chorizo, Scamorza, Tomato, Olives and Arugula).

But it was the Smoked Egg that had a dramatic entrance, closed in a jar (see what I tell you…) that, when opened, let out smoke for an Wow effect.

The poached egg perfectly, accompanied by Bacon, Sweet potato, Asparagus and Truffle oil.

By this now we were completely caught up in the meal … and wine. A curious red, from the Lisbon region, which is a cross between Syrah and Viognier, the latter found more in white wines.

As the conversation and the flavors dominated the night I ended up forgeting to photograph the main dishes … oops!

But stay with this tip: if you have the opportunity, experience the ‘Cevadotto’ (Duck, Bacon, Cherovia, Carrot, Red orange and Sesame) or the Roaster VOLVER ( Matured meat, ‘Asado de Tira’, ‘Chori’, Morcilla, Pimento and Mesclum potatoes). A sort of “mixed grilled” but with meat that you’ll not forget.

Of course, the desserts were also brilliant.

First a plate of Pineapple, Passion Fruit, Pink Pepper, Pisco and white chocolate, and following, the so-called ‘Pie Rogel’ with a Portuguese twist – Dolce de Leche, Strawberries, Panacotta and Serra cheese. As I’m not a huge fan of pineapple, the second won. 😉

In the end, with the aperitif drink, the corvette and wine (none of which included in the Restaurant Week menu) earned a well higher bill than the €20 per person menu.

So, whether in this or any other restaurant you choose in this initiative, please note that most likely you’ll have to pay some extras. But, I assure you, the meal will be a bit more affordable than opting for a visit on a regular day.


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