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Marlene On The Move

My name is Marlene Marques, and I’m the author of Marlene On The Move.

This blog is the result of two great passions: travel and writing. To tell you the truth, there’s also a little bit of photography or even surfing.

I graduated in journalism because I was curious to know the world and to report what I saw. In the early days, I thought of being a war correspondent, such was the urge to travel. Today, I don’t know if I could take it. I think I prefer to show what’s beautiful in the world rather than the darkest side of the human being.

What always gave me joy was to hit the road or board a plane and go around looking for the most beautiful places, the most extraordinary waves, the most interesting cultures, and the most amazing people.

This search has made me richer in spirit, and it’s to share with you this personal wealth that Marlene On The Move was born.

With it, I hope to sharpen your desire to travel, learn, and see whether it’s your city, your country, or growing the dream of one day going even further.

I hope you have fun going through these pages, reading these posts, and discovering all the images and videos.

Thank you so much for being on that side!

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