Oui, oui, viva la France! Charming country, full of history, the cradle of liberté and fraternité. France seduces each trip, each iconic monument, each beautiful village, each matured wine.
In addition to all the cultural experiences you can have in the main French cities, the country offers opportunities to do outdoor activities. Surf Hossegor and Biarritz, ski and snowboard in Chamonix, or discover the Mont Blanc trails, one of Europe's highest peaks. Without forgetting that gastronomy is also one of the main attractions of the French lands.
For all these reasons, dare to explore French territory and get to know the meaning of the famous phrase ``joie de vivre`` (also known as ``joy of living``).


Transportation - If you're visiting a big city, it's best to take public transport. On average, a single ticket costs $2.
But if the goal is to travel around the country, it's best to rent a car. Use the Auto Europe platform to reserve the vehicle at the best price and know that the liter of gasoline is in the order of $1,75.
There's also the TGV - high-speed train in France- which can be used between Paris, Nice, Lyon, Bordeaux, Marseille, and Toulouse. The ticket can cost from $53, depending on the destination.

Accommodation - There are accommodations for all tastes, and prices vary from city to city. Use to find the one that best suits your needs and budget. In Paris, for example, a room in a two-star hotel in Montmartre costs from $60.

Food - The restaurant offer is diverse, and there's something for every taste and wallet. You can go from a simple baguette on a terrace to the most luxurious restaurant you'll ever visit. Eating at a cheaper restaurant is an average of $13. In others, lunch for two, with two main courses and dessert, can reach $60. It all depends on what you are looking for or are willing to pay.

Suggested daily budget – 150-160 USD / 130-140 EUR (Note: This is an indicative budget, assuming the rental of a mini car in Paris, with fuel for 200 km, accommodation in a hotel with breakfast, and two meals in a cheaper restaurant. However, if you choose a higher-end car, lodging, or restaurants, expect a higher daily cost. All values mentioned above were based on the website Preciosmundi,, and Auto Europe at the publication of this article).


1. Travel with money – In France, there are several toll highways, but not all of them accept credit cards. If you are traveling around the country by car, take some money to prevent these situations.

2. Buy the Paris Pass – If you are visiting the country’s capital, buy the Paris Pass. This pass gives you access to over 60 attractions and includes public transport, activities, a 1-day ticket on a hop-on hop-off bus, a printed guide, and even discounts on several shops and restaurants. But there are other passes for monuments or specific activities that save you time and money.

3. Save money on coffee – Staying on a terrace is always more pleasant, but know that you will be charged more for it whenever you sit outside. If you are going to drink or eat something fast, choose to do it at the counter.


DO'S: Don't expect the French to know your language. In fact, many don't even speak English. So, learn some essential words, like ``bonjour`` (``good morning``) or ``merci`` (``thank you``), among others. / Leave the big cities to experience what many consider to be the authentic French culture. / Try to avoid the high seasons, like Christmas and the summer months. Prices are always more inflated, and everything is fuller.

DON’TS: Don’t wave vigorously to get the attention of an employee in a cafe or restaurant. It’s considered a lack of respect. Try to cross your eyes and make a sign that you need something. / In big cities, as in other countries, there’s crime. Be aware of what is going on around you and avoid walking alone at night. / Don’t travel without travel insurance. Nobody is free from some situations that they didn’t count on. Use this link and save 5% on the price of your insurance.

Marlene is the creator of Marlene On The Move. A journalist by profession, she created the blog to share her adventures, in Portugal, destination on which she writes for Portuguese digital publications, as in the World. It's not uncommon for her to travel to new countries and discover new cultures with a surfboard under her arm.

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