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Imagens de 2016

I wanted to put so many others here, because they are memories of equally well-passed moments, but, for the sake of a lighter reading, I reduced it to a top 10.

Here is 2016 reviewed in images:



It was the blog first Christmas, so I wanted to show the beauty of the season in one of my favorite cities and place where I was born: Lisbon!

The photo was taken when I was sitting at the foot of the Terreiro do Paço statue, waiting for the lights to be turned on, to the sound of a street musician. Hence the sky is not yet completely black. I love the city lights at this time of year!


    1. PORTO

I took this picture while I was working to make a travel guide article about Porto for the portuguese Via Verde website. It was my first time alone in downtown Porto, so I was living the place like a real tourist.

The day was practically always gray, but even before I made the road and returned to Lisbon, the sun came out and allowed me to capture the Ribeira with other colors as shown in this photo.


    1. MUNDAKA

To be completely honest, this photo wasn’t taken in 2016. Its appearance in my feed is due to the article that I published (this year) on one of the most famous waves in Europe: Mundaka!

But it’s still one of my favorite images, because it’s a memory of that time that I caught the “Basque dragon sleeping”. Curious? Find out the story in this post.


    1. SRI LANKA

It was the trip of the year! In early October I traveled to Asia to visit Sri Lanka. This breakfast was photographed on one of the days I was staying at the Lapoint Surf Camp in Ahangama.

Many mornings we woke up just before sunrise to go surfing before everyone else. After a few hours in the water, we returned to the camp to find these breakfasts, full of fruit, pancakes, eggs, natural juices … a luxury!


    1. MOON

This is not a full moon. It’s a Super Moon and it happened on November 14th. It was the day when the moon came closest to Earth, so the feeling was that we were seeing it twice as big.

This was a phenomenon that had happened in 1948 and will now only be repeated in 2034.

I didn’t have to go too far to photograph it. It was enough to leave the house door.


    1. PENICHE

It’s one of the places I frequent when I want to surf in the winter in Portugal and the sea is too big at home. Peniche is a paradise for surfers, so that every year it receives the world surfing tour.

This photo was taken during one day of the event. It’s the view from the beach of Supertubos to the village on a rather chilly morning.



I love this image! For years I had always passed by it, but never had the opportunity to stop and enjoy it up close. It was during the Lisbon Book Fair that I succeeded in doing so.

As we had to park the car away from Eduardo VII Park, where the event takes place, we had to walk there, passing by the image of Albert Einstein, where I couldn’t resist taking this photo.

But this is just one example of the wonderful street art that has invaded Lisbon in recent years and has transformed the city for the better, in my opinion.



This was also a trip I didn’t do this year, but whose pictures accompany me always.

It was captured on the island of Sumbawa, Indonesia, when we were on the return trip from Lakey Peak to the capital, Bima. This woman was at the side of the road, working the fish, and I couldn’t resist taking the picture when the car slowed down.



Before traveling to Sri Lanka I did an article and video showing what a surfer takes in the suitcase. Let’s say it’s not enough technical material!

I made this video in the garden of my building, always trying to lose the shame of being alone talking to a camera. Thankfully the walls are high and there were few neighbors at home.


    1. SUNSET

Coincidentally, we couldn’t have better photo to finish this top. This sunset was captured in Ericeira, Portugal, at the end of the day in September, when I passed by a viewpoint and there were countless people with their phones catching the last rays of light of the day.

In a way, we can see it as 2016 going away and now the new day raising, the new year: 2017 has already been born.


And you? What’s your best 2016 image? Share it in the comment box below.

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