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Every year the Eduardo VII Park in Lisbon, Portugal, dresses rigorously to receive the annual Book Fair.

There are dozens and dozens of stands of the largest (and the smallest) national publishers and a great opportunity to buy a book (or two, or three…) with a more affordable price.

Book fair stands

Book fair stands

We’re talking about a Book Fair that is in its 86th edition. This means that the first happened around the 1930’s. Just imagine how it would be in those days…

This year the fair has even more stands and a food court full of surprises.

Book signing with writer José Luís Peixoto

Book signing with writer José Luís Peixoto

But it’s worth having a few tips in mind:

1. If you can, visit the fair during weekdays. The weekend is always packed and sometimes it’s hard to find what we’re looking for or explore the best stands.

2. Of course, if your goal is to collect some autographs from the best-known writers, forget the previous advice! Weekend is full of authors ready to talk to readers and to give another good use to their pen.

3. Water, water, water! Be prepared to walk up and down the park.

4. Stay tuned for the promotions of the day. In addition to the special fair price, every day there’re books that are half the price!

5. A friend told me, but I didn’t verify personally: apparently, every day, about an hour before the fair closes, publishers lower the prices. Does anyone know if this is true?…

6. The information desk is your best friend! First, they know precisely where we can find a particular publisher or the authors we seek. Amazing!

7. If your publisher doesn’t have the book you’re seeking is quite possible that they might order it. It happened to me when the publisher that distributes Lonely Planet didn’t have the guide I was looking for. They stayed with my contact number and will have it come from Porto. Result: I will have the guide for a lower price and … I’ll have to go back to the fair … bummer! 😉

Spoils of war. Do you see a pattern?...

Spoils of war. Do you see a pattern?…

If I sparked your curiosity, know that the Book Fair will be in the park until June 13 and is open every day until 23h00.

Have you ever been to a Book Fair? Do you have other tips worth sharing? Tell me everything in the comment box below. Good readings!

Feira do Livro de Lisboa from Surfer Girl On The Move on Vimeo.


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