Java Borobudur

Tomorrow, Sunday, May 30, I’m leaving for Indonesia!

“Again?!” asks who already knows me and knows that it’s already my fifth trip to that country.

It may seem repetitive, but the fact is that in all these trips I have always been discovering a different place. From Bali to Sumbawa, going to the Mentawai and now Java. Indonesia is huge and as long as you go back there’s always plenty to see and know.

This time I will go through the capital, Jakarta, and then on to the incredible Yogyakarta. It will be a travel plan full of culture, natural beauty and, of course, great surfing.

Java Pramanan

You can follow the whole journey through my social media channels: Facebook and Instagram. I’ll do my best, of course, but it all depends on internet access. But I promise that I’ll return full of new images and incredible stories to tell. 😉

See you soon!