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The news aren’t new but is becoming increasingly worrying. The Zika virus is spreading by most Brazilian states and also appears to be spreading up alarmingly in Latin America countries.

If you are pregnant the solution is just one: Don’t travel to these countries! The consequences that this virus has on pregnant women and fetuses are very serious, so if your scheduled trip is optional, don’t go. There’s airlines that already reported that they will return the value of the trip. Check with yours.

But for those who will travel to these countries it never hurts to remember some actions you can take to avoid being bitten by mosquito.

1. Eliminate all still water spots

The mosquitoes need still water to lay their eggs. So when you arrive at your destination, avoid the use of potted plants that have dish (where water accumulates), water containers of domestic animals, bottles and buckets must be stored upside down. Water tanks must be covered, such as the pools, if they are not treated with chlorine. Oh, and do not forget to put down the top of the toilet whenever you use it.

2. Use repellent

Pass it in all body areas that are exposed. Do it several times a day. If you use sunscreen is important to re-pass the repellent, so that the sunscreen shield does not reduce the repellent effects.

3. Wear long clothing

I know that in these countries the last thing you want is to wear long sleeve or pants, but these garments can help keep mosquitoes away from your skin. Especially at sunrise and sunset.

4. Protect yourself at home

Indoors your best friend may well be the protection systems from gnats and mosquitoes. There are those made from citronella, such as burning incense sticks, or more advanced systems that you plug in to electricity. At bedtime, nothing better than a good mosquito net to protect body and sleep.

5. Take care of your garbage

Do not leave open bags. Always close your rubbish and avoid unnecessary accumulations.


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Marlene Marques

Marlene is the creator of Marlene On The Move. A journalist by profession, she created the blog to share her adventures around the world. It is not unusual for her to set off to discover new countries and cultures with a surfboard as luggage.



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