Right in the Ribatejo region, in Vila Nova da Barquinha county, you’ll find a castle like no other in Portugal.

The Almourol Castle stands several meters above the water level of the Tagus river, in an granite island only accessible by boat.


The history of Portugal and that of the Knights Templar crosses here, in this military structure that is now a Portuguese national monument.

The boat trip to access this medieval castle is short and you’ll have to pay € 2.50. But there’s no other way to get there. Once on land, a narrow path through the vegetation leads us to the entrance of the walls.



Once inside you’ll find what was a residential area and the Castle Tower. With about 20 meters high and three floors, this tower guards today an exhibition about the castle history.

Be sure to climb to the top of the wall to spot perfectly the course of the river or stroll the paths outside the castle.


Almourol-Torre-Menagem-Entrada Almourol-Torre-Menagem-Exposicao Almourol-Vista-Castelo-1 Almourol-Vista-Castelo-2

If you stay until the last make sure you know the time of the last boat, or you’ll risk to get stranded in the island. 🙂


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