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I went to Rome and tried an Airbnb!

Airbnb Trastevere

I’ve wanted to try an Airbnb accommodation for quite some time now. The references I had from friends were positive, so I thought that my trip to Rome would also be my first experience with a stay booked through the popular portal.

The first step was to choose the place where we wanted to stay. Since I didn’t know anything about the city, I asked a Roman friend about the best area to sleep. The recommendation: Trastevere!

Airbnb Trastevere

“It’s a kind of Bairro Alto [Lisbon]!” She told me, an energic place with a lot of charm, and excellent restaurants.

I quickly started doing in-app searches, and many options came up.

From the outset, I understood that the photographs are crucial for those who provide a lodging. The truth is that the descriptions can be good, but the images are one of the aspects that lead me to continue reading or to depreciate the offer.

The second key point is the price. There’s everything on Airbnb, but it depends a lot on what you have to spend and what features you can’t dismiss. In my case, and because I was just staying for three days, I wanted a house only for me.

Airbnb Italian-style

It was then that I found a small apartment in Trastevere, with a decent appearance, and value that wasn’t too bad in my budget — Rome isn’t exactly cheap, so it’s not easy to find reasonable accommodations at friendly prices.

Our host was Francesco, but it was Daniele that greeted us, a super friendly Italian, who despite speaking little English, was able to explain everything about the apartment and even give us some tips on the best area to eat.

As for the apartment, it didn’t disappoint in comparison to the images I saw in the app. No luxuries, but everything was clean and, above all, it was in a super quiet area.

Airbnb Trastevere

In fact, I couldn’t have been in a better location: just a stone’s throw from the busiest center of Trastevere, with the best restaurants I found in Rome, and in a walking distance to all main attractions. Of course we still had to walk a little, but the city is beautiful and, after all, we have to burn the calories of so much pizza and pasta !!

And you, have you ever stayed in an Airbnb? Where was it? What did you think? Share everything in the comment box below.

Surfer Girl’s Note: This article doesn’t have any sponsorship or support from Airbnb or the accommodation where we stayed. It was just an enjoyable experience that I wanted to share with you!



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