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Best surf destinations: What’s your surf level?

Best surf destinations

Let’s be honest. The world is not lacking of best surf destinations. But there are countries more indicated than others to put your surfboard in the water.

I thought about the different levels of surfers that exist and the most suitable locations for each type. In fact, there are a number of locations, but I summarized this top to two countries for each segment. If you are curious about other places that I don’t mention here, just say and I’ll be happy to tell you about them. 😃

Surfing For The First Time


Surf in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is full of surf spots for all levels.

I visited Sri Lanka last year and soon realized that this is the true paradise for rookies! The water is warm, the bottom mostly sand and the waves don’t have much strength. Perfect for anyone who wants to learn to surf or is taking the first steps.

On the south coast, between Ahangama and Mirissa, almost all beaches are good to go try and what isn’t lacking are surf camps with lessons to attend.

Here you can have the complete package: dream beaches, fun waves, incredible people and a very rich culture that is worth knowing.


Surf in Morocco

Taghazout is a paradise for those who want to start surfing. Photo: © Eelke

To the south of Morocco, near the Atlas mountains, the village of Taghazoute is a place of choice for first-time surfers.The region began to be known in the 60’s and 70’s as a destination for the hippy community that fled there during the European winter months. After all, in these parts rarely the temperatures fall below the 22 degrees Celsius in the colder months.

The region began to be known in the 60’s and 70’s as a destination for the hippy community that fled there during the European winter months. After all, in these parts rarely the temperatures fall below the 22 degrees Celsius in the colder months.

Today Taghazoute lives of the surf business and there is much to offer in terms of accommodation and lessons. And, let’s face it, who says no to a surf trip that offers fun waves, tagines, hammams, and souks? 😉

This is more for me!


Surf in Portugal

Although Portugal has waves for all levels, there are some places that already lack some knowledge.

For surfers that already surf for some time going to destinations where most of the crowd in the water are apprentices can be a true nightmare. That’s why Portugal is a destination that makes sense.

The Portuguese coastline is vast and if you escape from the main cities or known surf spots you may well find beaches almost deserted and with waves to experience.

But if the crowd doesn’t make you confused, then you have incredible surf spots, such as Ericeira, which is World Surfing Reserve, Costa Alentejana or the Peniche region.

The country holds waves for all levels and the chance to find one that fits your surf is very high. Plus, we are wonderful people (cof, cof … 😉), the country is beautiful and the food incredible.


Surf in Costa Rica

The motto of “Pura Vida” applies in and out of water in Costa Rica. Photo: © Chris Goldberg

A country that uses “Pure Vida” as its motto of life says it all. The pace here is relaxed and the waves too … or at least in some beaches, since there are some spots in these part of the world that require some skills.

Surfing in Costa Rica is done mostly on the Pacific side, with a lot of spots, each one better known than the other.

Most are wave consistent, with sand bottoms. From Playa Naranjo, better known as Witch’s Rock, to Pavones, one of the longest lefts in the world, you can walk through Costa Rica surfing different waves all (or almost all) the time. Not to mention all the natural beauty in which many of them are involved.

Yes, let’s surf seriously!


Surf in Indonesia

In the Mentawai the landscapes are a dream, and any wave caught, like this one I made in Burger World, becomes unforgettable!

It’s one of the best surf destinations in the planet. In Indonesia, you’ll find the best waves in the world! Although there are better months than others, here quite possibly you’ll surf the waves of your life!

But, be aware, most surf areas require some skill. Yes, it’s possible to travel to Bali and learn to surf there, but this can also be done in other parts of the world.

Indonesia is the ideal place to test yourself and set up your game … or else go home with a cut or two … or three.
There are islands with waves easier than others, but the main destination for those already looking for another level of surfing are the Mentawaii.

The wave list is long: ebay, pitstops, burger world, hideaways, bang-bang, playground, etc, etc, etc … Let there be arms and courage to surf them all.

If you go to the Mentawaii know that you’ll spend all days surfing, since the islands have no other attractions. But after hours and hours in the water, I’m sure the only thing you’ll want to do is lie in a hammock and drink a Bintang.


Surf in Tahiti

The Teahupoo wave is one of the most beautiful in the world … but also one of the scariest. Photo: © Duncan Rawlinson

Imagine one of the most beautiful islands you have ever seen. Now draw in your mind one of the most perfect waves you’ll ever be able to surf. This is Teahupoo, in Tahiti.

As a rule, the wave normally hits 2 to 3 meters and you don’t want to go lower than that since it breaks on a sharp coral bed. But it’s not uncommon for the size of the waves to reach up to 7 meters, often requiring tow-in assistance.

The drops are for many almost impossible and require a lot of speed. But catching a good one here can mean catching the tube of your life.

The trip is not cheap, either for the places you stay in and because you’ll often have to rent a boat to get to the lineup. So, if you’re up to it, start feeding your piggy bank!

Best Surf Destinations

Best Surf Destinations

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Editor’s Note: All the countries I mentioned above have beaches for all levels. To say that Sri Lanka only has beaches for apprentices or that the Mentawaii islands are only for experts is incorrect. However, the general trend is the one that I refer to in each of the segments. 😉





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