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“Viagens de Uma Vida” – The world told in the first person (and one of the stories is mine!)

Livro de viagens de uma vida

I wrote a travel book!… Well, I didn’t do it alone, but together with other great Portuguese bloggers. “Viagens de Uma Vida” (“Trips Of a Lifetime”) is the first book by ABVP – Portuguese Travel Bloggers Association (of which I’m a member), which brings together 25 incredible and inspiring travel stories.

These are first-person narratives, full of emotion and unusual experiences,  which has now reached the bookstores!

From Greenland to Australia, from Japan to Argentina, passing through such distinct and contrasting places, such as a Rohingya refugee camp in Bangladesh or the unparalleled happiness of Holi Fest in India. This work is an authentic trip around the world by the words of different travelers.

Livro de viagens de uma vida marlene on the move

My trip of a lifetime

Among these 25 chronicles of extraordinary travel is my trip to Nicaragua!

I chose this destination in Latin America to tell you how challenging it was to travel, for the first time, in a country on the brink of civil war. I assure you that it was not easy, a mix of emotions that I bring to these pages, and that I hope will also transport you to the days I spent with the Nicaraguan people.

I leave you a little excerpt:

It was when I approached the main avenues that I saw the first signs. Large streets cut with what was at hand — boulders, oil drums, tires — and huge banners with messages of order: “Together We Are Nicaragua”

Livro de viagens de uma vida

How can you have the book “Viagens de Uma Vida”

NOTE: The book is sold out!

“Viagens de Uma Vida” was debut this week, on June 23, and is in the leading bookstores all over Portugal, but I have some copies for sale, which means that those who leave my house can have a special message from yours truly! 😉

The book costs 15 € + shipping:

17 € – To Portugal

20 € – Rest of Europe

23 € – Rest of the World

Just send me an email ( with the shipping address, the number of copies you want, and to whom should I dedicate the book. In response, I’ll give you the information about the payment method and… voilá! Soon, you’ll be reading the book.

I hope you accept the invitation and travel with me on this great adventure, now told on paper.

NOTE: “Viagens de Uma Vida” is written in Portuguese, but you can always offer it to a Portuguese-spoken friend or even exercise your Portuguese. 😉

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Juntei-me a um grupo de bloggers para escrevermos sobre as viagens que mais nos marcaram até hoje, como pessoas e viajantes. O resultado é o “Viagens de Uma Vida”, um novo livro que nos leva numa volta ao mundo cheia de sentimentos e experiências incríveis.
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Marlene Marques

Marlene is the creator of Marlene On The Move. A journalist by profession, she created the blog to share her adventures around the world. It is not unusual for her to set off to discover new countries and cultures with a surfboard as luggage.



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