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Yes, I’m already in full summer hangover! And by this time it’s not uncommon for me to review images and videos of destinations where the sun shines, the heat tightens and the water is hot. So I remembered my last experience at the Sanctuary Spa in Unawatuna, Sri Lanka.

To tell you how nice this episode was, it might be better to start by saying that in the previous week I had gone to massage in a center of Áyurveda in Arugam Bay and … how can I say this in a more sympathetic way: it was horrible!

I was waiting for a super professional technician (after all, I had been told to come back at the end of the day because the “doctor” had gone to the hospital) and a treatment that improved my body, tired of surfing, leaving me in a state more relaxed, in Zen.

What actually happened was an hour of a sloppy massage, without any sense, with the lady stopping every 10 minutes because her cell phone kept ringing and receiving messages. And, icing on the cake, she made me a head massage, where she dumped tons of oil and even asked me for a tip in the end… do I have to say more?!…

sanctuary spa

The spa entrance

Spa from Heaven!

After a week we were in Ahangama, at Lapoint Surf Camp, when a staff member told us about the Sanctuary Spa.

I confess that my expectations were low, especially after that first experience, and the time it took us to find this new place. But it was so worth it!

The site was wonderful, shrouded in vegetation, super professional and friendly staff and, best of all, the massage was fabulous! In such a way that I almost fell asleep.

It was such a wonderful day that on the eve of leaving for Portugal we went there one last time. 😉

sanctuary spa

The spa entrance

sanctuary spa

All the spa area is immerse in lush vegetation

sanctuary spa

Stairway to heaven… or the massage room

sanctuary spa

The massage bed

sanctuary spa

Detail of the massage room

sanctuary spa

The female massage therapist that made all the magic!

sanctuary spa

View from the massage room

sanctuary spa

Another detail of the Sanctuary Spa

sanctuary spa

The relaxation zone, were, after the massage, I was treated with somo coconut water

unawatuna beach

The wonderful beach of Unawatuna, right in front of the spa

What about you? What do you think of the Sanctuary Spa? What was the best you have been until to today? Share your experience in the comment box below.

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