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Espigueiros of Soajo – A Time Travel


I got to see the Espigueiros of Soajo when, last winter, I visited the Gerês area. In Arcos de Valdevez, this set of granaries – 24 in total – constitutes a communal threshing-floor that is on top of large granite slabs.

But what are these strange structures?

The so-called Espigueiros, aka, granaries, are rural constructions that were formerly used to store grain to protect the crops from predators or the weather. Made in granite, high positioned, and with a roof where we can see a Christian cross, a sign of traditional faith.

This set that I found in Soajo, where the oldest element dates from 1782, is considered a Property of Public Interest by the Portuguese government and is one of the tourist attractions of that region.

Espigueiros of Soajo

Espigueiros of Soajo

Espigueiros of Soajo

Espigueiros of Soajo

Espigueiros of Soajo

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Espigueiros of Soajo

Espigueiros of Soajo

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