Restaurante Flor de Sal

I discovered this restaurant by pure coincidence on a trip to Covilhã, Portugal. Feeling hungry, we decided to do a simple online search for restaurants in the region where we were passing. Result: Flor de Sal, in Entroncamento.

“In Entroncamento?! …” you are asking by this time. It’s true that it’s an unusual place for those who are accustomed to good old Lisbon, but the reviews were friendly and spoke on meat dishes and mouth-watering entrees.

Flor de Sal Restaurant Flor de Sal Restaurant

Finding the Flor de Sal isn’t easy and a GPS is definitely recommended. The restaurant is in the middle of a modern urbanization, right next to a supermarket. An unusual place to have a restaurant with such elaborate menu.

Inside the Flor de Sal, the impersonal aspect of the exterior of the building is quickly surpassed by a warm decoration. The retro elements take us on a real journey into the past while we await the arrival of the meal.

Flor de Sal Restaurant Flor de Sal Restaurant

The menus don’t come to the table. They are displayed on large slates on the walls and explained with pomp and circumstance by the staff. Ingredients and the way they were prepared are explained to detail as who tells a tale.

Listening to that presentation of each dishes served at Flor de Sal is a real spectacle and we quickly feel like ordering everything. Ask for advice, especially concerning wines, perfectly suggested according to our personal taste and what we are going to eat.

Flor de Sal Restaurant Flor de Sal Restaurant Flor de Sal Restaurant Flor de Sal Restaurant Flor de Sal Restaurant

Of the many times I have visited Flor de Sal (yes, I have already left Lisbon on purpose to go there for dinner) the room is always crowded. The space isn’t very big, so I advise you to reserve a table in advance.

Flor de Sal Restaurant

Flor de Sal Restaurant

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