Pavilion of Knowledge — Science in Lisbon

Pavilhão do Conhecimento

It was one of the pavilions that were born in Parque das Nações, in Lisbon, Portugal, with the World Fair, in 1998 (Expo98), and it stayed there until today. The Pavilion of Knowledge is a center of science and curiosity, not only for children but adults also.

I visited it during the Expo and recently went back to get to see how the place is and its exhibitions.

The entrance to the Pavilion of Knowledge doesn’t deceive. Outside, the walls and a giant globe resemble Space and remember that science has no boundaries.

Pavilion of Knowledge Lisbon

When we entered the building, we begin to see the Fugitive Modules. Small interactive cores scattered through corridors and rooms that test some theories that range from the brain to gravity.

The welcome is taken care of by a small robot that, busy, tries to reach to all people through sensors of movement. Unfortunately, when I returned to the room to photograph it, the robot was in a “working break”… connected to the power outlet, because it also needs energy from time to time.

Pavilion of Knowledge Lisbon

Angry Birds also have science

Every year, the Pavilion of Knowledge presents a sizeable temporary exhibition and, since last year, the most significant space in the building has been taken over by birds. The Angry Birds collection, a cult game and on which famous animation films were made, fills the place with color and invites to fun moments. Here, children can line up the slings and also rappel down the green pigs. Always with a lot of science, from the flight to the trajectories.

If you want to take your children there, keep in mind that the exhibition is only visible until September 2018, when it will give place to another great exhibit.

But other places in the pavilion await visitors. In the Explora room, natural phenomena are scrutinized. With 40 interactive modules, you will learn more about light, vision, perception, waves and other complex systems.

Another of the rooms preferred by youngsters — between ages 3 and 6 — is Brincar Ciência (Play Science), where the fun includes wearing an astronaut suit, build a house or understand the air currents.

Don’t miss the Dòing area. In this workshop, children can create, experiment and share a variety of activities with their parents.

The Pavilion of Knowledge is the perfect place to take children, and also for adults who, deep down, have a curiosity that touches childish.

Pavilion of Knowledge Lisbon

Tips on the Pavilion of Knowledge

– If you want to make a calmer visit, without confusion, choose to go during the week. At weekends, the house fills up, and it can be more complicated to take full advantage of the exhibitions and activities

– Reminding again that the Angry Birds exhibition ends in September, so you have until this month to take the kids

– On the first Sunday of each month, you can take your dog to visit the Pavilion of Knowledge and participate in workshops aimed at 4-legged friends

– The center also organizes birthday parties for the youngest

– Of course, to visit the Pavilion of Knowledge, you’ll have to pay a ticket: Adults: €9; Child 3-11 years: €6; Young 12-17 years: €7; Senior: €6

Pavilion of Knowledge Lisbon

Have you ever heard about the Pavilion of Knowledge before? What do you think about this kind of centers? Share your thoughts in the comment box below. And don’t forget to share the post! 😉 Thanks!

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