Quiet Algarve in Cacela Velha

Cacela Velha

Near Cacela Velha, in Algarve, D. Deolinda, already accustomed to these wanderings, was waiting on the road for the couple that was arriving from Lisbon (aka my boyfriend and me) and would occupy the house for the night.

On the phone, I asked for the address and got a curious answer: “Oh, it’s on a small hill. There’s no address, but as soon as you get out of the freeway to Santa Rita, call me.”

So we did. We called and later found an old lady, ready to take us to the house and give us the official tour. She gave us the key and all the significant indications (turn the light on here, the room is there, the kitchen over there…), although the size and layout of the small house leave no doubt.

Art and comfort

I quickly discovered that this is the perfect spot for quiet days spent for two. In this open space (except for the bathroom, thank God), with its lovely mezzanine room, what makes it so unique are all the details.

By this time, the most appropriate thing to do is a disclaimer: the accommodation belongs to a friend (and his partner), who’s also an artist. His specialty is mixing old pieces of wood with metal like iron. All recycled elements.

It’s these pieces of art that give the charm to this place. From the dining table seats to the bed headboard or the two significant figures on the wall. Beautiful fish sculptures made out of rusted pieces and painted wood. Even the large paddle that serves as a handrail to the upper deck recycled from the beach.

Cacela Velha

Cacela Velha


Silence and Outdoors

The place, although spacious, manages to be quite cozy and the bed is super comfy. It’s so easy to fall asleep.

And, as if the interior wasn’t enough, the outside is another place that caught my attention. There’s no swimming pool – but who needs one when we’re just a few steps away from some of the best beaches in the Algarve?

The owners built a corner full of green, perfect for hours of reading or share group meals. Don’t miss the BBQ, and if the summer heat rises, a hose is also available.

Cacela Velha Cacela Velha Cacela Velha


What do you think about this accommodation in Cacela Velha? Check this little video I made! Hope you like!

Surfer Girl’s Note: Although one of the owners is my friend, I paid for my stay and wasn´t asked to write about my experience. I did this because I enjoyed the accommodation and believe that it can be a great alternative to the more traditional Algarve stays.


Accommodation in Cacela Velha

Caceia Velha

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  • Ana (casazul studio)

    Olá Marlene. Gostei muito de conhecer o seu blogue. Cheguei aqui pela pesquisa “cacela velha”. A casa linda onde ficou está para aluguer? Gostariamos de contactar o dono se possível. Obrigada!

  • Thabata

    Ola, adorei esse lugar! 🙂 Mas não consegui achar o nome. Vc poderia me passar, por favor? Obrigada Thabata