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Revolut: What it is and how to join the best card in the world!


After hearing about Revolut for some time, I’ve decided to join and test the card that many consider being the best to use while traveling.

The truth is that I ordered mine before going to Indonesia, and it was spotless! I was able to withdraw up to 200 euros, in the local currency, without paying fees; I used it for restaurant payments without any difficulty, and currently, it’s even the card I use to shop online.

What is Revolut?

But let’s start at the beginning and what Revolut is.

Revolut is an e-money service, which means it works through a mobile application and a virtual or physical card.

You can use Revolut at home or when traveling with a real interbank exchange rate… that is, without charging unfair bank fees!

You can also set spending budgets, split accounts, exchange money, and make withdrawals abroad for free (up to € 200 per month in Standard version). Not to mention the security options this new system offers.

No wonder over 7 million people use Revolut!

And how does it work?

Opening your Revolut account is free and only takes a few minutes. From then on, you get a virtual card — but you may and should order the physical one to use when traveling — which you can use on several occasions.

In my case, I’ve linked my debit card and charge my Revolut card with the amount I want to use. But you can also add money to Revolut by bank transfer.

You’ll also receive immediate notifications whenever you make a payment, and you can also see how much and where are you spending money each month.

Another curious aspect of this system is that you can round up your card payments and round up your spare change and send it to a vault that acts as a piggy bank for anything you want. So cool!

How to join Revolut

Opening a Revolut account is super easy!

You have to download the Revolut app and after that validate your identity and set it up with some personal data. All done directly from your mobile phone!

Very simply, your account is ready to use.

So let’s recap the advantages of Revolut Standard:
Make ATM withdrawals free of charge up to 200 euros per month
Use a real interbank exchange rate
Track payments through notifications
Control where and how you are spending money
Create savings vaults with rounding up of paid amounts
Make timely payments, bank transfers or set up recurring payments
Split bills with friends
Set a monthly budget
Block the card through the app in case of theft or suspicious use

Start with a Standard account, but know that you can always upgrade to Premium.

This option offers, in addition to all other features: free withdrawal up to 400 euros/month, health insurance and flight and baggage delay coverage, urgent global delivery of a new card (beautifully designed), customer support priority and disposable virtual cards. Premium has a monthly cost of 7.99 euros.

What did you think of Revolut? Would you like to try it? Already a customer? If so, share your experience in the comments box below.

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You have probably heard several travelers talk about Revolut. But if you still don't know what it is, the advantages or how to join the Revolut card, keep reading. I'll explain everything!
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