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7 good reasons to travel to Bali

Bingin Bali Indonesia

Many believe that Bali is already a consumed travel destination, that growing tourism has come to ruin the charm of the “Isle of the Gods.” But from what I could see on my last trip, there’s still a lot to see and do there.

1. Beaches that enchant

Balangan Bali Indonesia

A few years ago, there was a lot of news about pollution in Bali. But I can say that from what I saw, things are already changing… for the better. From Uluwatu to Canggu, the beaches are now cleaner, although there may still be one or another situation that deserves the attention of local authorities, residents, and visitors.

But overall, Bali’s shoreline is cleaner, and the water is warm, which is always a definite plus.

2. Waves for everybody

Bingin Bali Indonesia

That Indonesia has the best waves in the world, nobody denies, and Bali is no exception. No wonder they make one of the World Surf League events there.

There are beaches suitable for all tastes and levels, from the rock to the sand bottom. If you are a regular surfer, you can surf from morning to night. And if not, you won’t resist having your first surf lesson there… and have you said that the water is warm?!… 🙂

3. Pure Nature

Monkey Forest Ubud Bali Indonesia

From the beauty of the beaches to the rice fields of Ubud or to the volcanoes that make up the island. Bali is divided between the blue of the sea and the green of the interior landscapes.

The time will be short to see all that the island offers. The West Bali National Park is one of those places worth visiting as well as doing a climb to Mount Batur. But never forget that you are in the Ring of Fire, so be aware of the volcanic activity in the region before you book one of these tours.

4. Hinduism

Tanah Lot Temple Bali Indonesia

Much of Indonesia is faithful to the Muslim religion, but the Balinese population is mostly Hindu. This makes any visit to Bali wrapped in a unique culture where magnificent temples and religious rituals stand out. Count on the daily offerings or the more elaborate processions and prayers on select days.

5. Irresistible Craft

Wood Craft Bali Indonesia Artesanato

You will not leave Bali without thinking that you should have put together the money to carry one or two extra bags home. From the woods to the paintings to the batiks and silver, the Balinese are keen to work on these materials, and the final products are unique, and you feel like buying everything.

6. Bars and Restaurants For Every Taste

Gastronomia Bali Indonesia Food

In addition to the magnificent temples and amazing beaches, Bali is also known for its nightlife, restaurants, and coffee shops. Kuta used to be the center of all the fun, but with the tourist development, other areas arose. From international to local cuisine, there’s a bit of everything on offer. Even vegetarian travelers find an offer on the island like nowhere else in the world.

7. Massages at every corner

Komune Hotel Keramas Bali Indonesia

Bali is probably the place with the most spas on the planet! It’s said that more than 1,200 are spread all over the island. From the more expensive ones in the luxury resorts to the simpler ones found by the roadside, there are treatments for every wallet. You just have to find the right therapist and stay true. So you can negotiate a better price and receive a massage every day of your trip.

Find your perfect stay in Bali.

Would you like to visit Bali? Have you traveled there already? Tell your experience in the comments box below. I’d love to hear your opinion on this destination.

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Travel to Bali

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