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Spring has come and with it the colors that make any street in the world gain a new life. I have challenged some bloggers to show off their favorite image of this season and the result is a flowery journey that takes us from Russia to London, through the United States of America and with a stopover in France.


Moscow, Russia

Spring in Moscow

photo: Vontade de Viajar

Fernanda Castelo Branco is the author of Vontade de Viajar and takes us to the tulips of the Alexander Garden in Moscow:

 “The idea of that vacation was to travel to Amsterdam in the Keukenhof park season. The plans changed and I ended up traveling to Russia – I was completely enamored of architecture and history, and Moscow still amazed me with Alexander’s Garden filled with colorful tulips!
Spring is a great time to travel to Russia, it still doesn’t have the prices and queues of the high summer season, but it already has a nice climate. The parks of Moscow and St. Petersburg are bustling and the palaces are even more beautiful under the sun. “

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South Carolina, USA

Spring in South Carolina

photo: © Meus Roteiros

Marlise Montello, Meus Roteiros, traveled to Magnolia Plantation and Gardens in South Carolina, and came back with this lovely history:

“A few days ago I had the opportunity to meet Magnolia Plantation and Gardens in South Carolina (USA). Opened for public visitation in 1870, the Magnolia Plantation is considered the oldest public garden in America and has been voted one of the most beautiful gardens in America by Travel + Leisure Magazine.
The farm has belonged to the Drayton family since its foundation in 1676. Over time, over three centuries, each generation has been giving its personal touch by expanding and incorporating new plant varieties into the estate. For this reason today it is possible to find a wide variety of flowers, such as camellias, azaleas, and many other species.
Despite the out-of-season chill that stunned the United States in March and ended up harming plant growth a bit, I was blown away by what I saw. Definitely worth the visit. “

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Washington, USA

Spring in Washington

photo: @ Mariana Viaja

The cherry trees are now beginning to blossom in various parts of the world and Mariana Bueno, from the Mariana Viaja blog, shows us the colors of these wonderful trees in Washington:

“Spring is the season when the famous cherry blossoms bloom in Washington, United States. I spent a day in town, coming from New York, and was delighted to see the flowering trees in shades of pink and white gracing everywhere. It is, indeed, a spectacle of nature! The success of the cherry trees there is so big that they even have a festival that celebrates the arrival of these flowers, attracting countless tourists and also locals. Too bad, when I went, it had already happened. But just to see all this beauty up close has already paid off. “

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London, United Kingdom

Spring in London

© Londres Pra Você

Spring arrives in a variety of ways, even with a handsome gesture from a neighbor, as Tina Wells from Londres Pra Você tell us:

“The first time I received daffodils from a neighbor, as a thank you gesture, I wondered about those stems with yellow tips, but I put them in a pot and, two days later, I had a beautiful surprise when the ends turned into beautiful flowers. I was even more enchanted when I discovered that the daffodils are the first flowers to bloom in the spring on this side of the Equator, bringing smiles to the faces and warmth in the hearts of Londoners! And they are in every corner of the city announcing that we can put away our heavy coats and delight us with beautiful days of sun and blue sky, shouting to anyone who wants to hear that London is not gray all the time! “

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Hossegor, France

Spring in Hossegor

I also leave you with one of the most beautiful photos of my archive. This image was taken on the trip I made to the southwest of France. A surf trip that took me from Portugal, through northern Spain, to Biarritz and Hossegor.
When crossing a bridge over the lake of Hossegor, in the town of Soorts, I couldn’t resist stopping the car and photographing these flowers, which contrasted perfectly with the whole environment.

And, by the way, the first photo on this article was taken on my last trip to Sri Lanka. 😉


Spring Time!

spring time

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