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Going to fly? Beware of travel fees

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It’s only when we come to the end of a holiday that we realize that we almost always exceed the budget we expected, particularly regarding travel fees. And some of them apply as soon as we choose the flight. Especially if we’re talking about low-cost companies.

And what travel fees are we talking about?


Want to bring more luggage? Pay a fee!

travel fees luggage

Increasingly, airlines are starting to charge for luggage transportation on the aircraft hold. Regular companies usually let you take one piece, but if we’re talking about low-cost, for sure, there will be an extra fee.

How can you solve this? Try to travel lighter, or if you’re going with someone else, why not share the space and the cost of an extra suitcase?

If you choose to carry only one cabin baggage, be very careful with its weight and measurements. Once I had problems checking-in because a piece of my bag went beyond the mandatory measures in just millimeters.


What? I have to pay to choose my seat?

travel fees seat

Well, you don’t. But you risk of having a flight with a complete stranger by your side while your friends are sitting somewhere else on the aircraft.

This happens a lot in the low-costs. In fact, I heard that some companies try to separate passengers who travel together so on an upcoming flight, they think twice about paying the seat option… of course, this is just a rumor… ; )

If you don’t want to risk it, reserving your seat can be a wise choice. Therefore, count on this extra in the final price of the ticket.

But on the vast majority of airlines, you get seated together. If you want to be sure, do your check-in online or arrive early at the airport.


Payment rates

travel fees payment

Now that we’ve added the bag and chose the seat don’t celebrate just yet because you found the trip of a lifetime for an unbelievable price. It’s entirely possible that at the time of payment you’ll be charged an extra fee.

Most sites were we buy flights require that we pay with credit card and this method will make us spend some more money.

The same can happen if you opt for other means like debt, transfer or systems like Pay Pal. Try to compare all of them and choose the one that charges a lower rate.


Food can also be part of travel fees

travel fees food

Yes, it can be an extra. As a general rule, if the flight is long, you get to receive a meal included in the ticket. But this doesn’t happen in low-costs companies or in some short trips. On these ones, strolls pass through the cabin aisle selling products that lack variety or quality.

So if you don’t want to arrive thirsty or hungry at your destination, have a good meal before leaving home or at the departure terminal. It can be more expensive, but the variety is higher, and the quality is far superior.

travel fees

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These are just the few travel fees you may have to pay when you book or make a flight. Do you know of other extras that may be charged? Ever had a less pleasant surprise? Share your experience in the comments box. Let’s make things straight!


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