Web Summit

I had the opportunity to visit the summit and attend some of the numerous conferences that took place, namely those related to content production and social media. 😉

Web Summit

Web Summit Center Stage

Web Summit

Actor Joseph Gordon-Levitt talking about his company hitRECord

However, I was expecting more news in the area of Tourism. Admittedly, this is not an event focused on this sector, but I was curious to know if there were major technological advances that we could keep an eye on in the near future.

Perhaps the most curious thing that I came across was the Honula, an international platform that allows accommodation and surf schools booking in 14 countries. Watch the presentation video here.

But if it was technological advancements that I was looking for (and coming out of the scope of this blog), the conference on Artificial Intelligence with Ben Gortzel from Hanson Robotics and Mike Butcher from TechCrunch surprised me the most. If you want to know what the future will look like, check it out here… but I warn you that it might be scary…

Web Summit

Panda Conf stage

Web Summit

Facebook @ Web Summit

The new Airbus from TAP Portugal in the Web Summit

Returning to travel, one of the most beautiful stands of this year’s Web Summit belonged to TAP Portugal.

Not to be outdone as the setting was the new Airbus 330 that the airline will integrate into its fleet as early as next year.

Web Summit

TAP Portugal stand

So I had the opportunity to take a “trip” through the cockpit of the new airplane through virtual reality glasses and then try out one of the business class seats. I can tell you that the prospect of taking a long-haul flight in a chair that lies flat and also does massages (!) is quite tempting. 😉

This new A330 will start flying as early as 2017, first to the United States and then extending to the remaining long-haul routes.

Web Summit

The VR experience

Web Summit

The new business class seats

What do you think about the Web Summit? Have you ever participated? What is your opinion on the technological future for travel? Participate in the discussion in the comments box below.