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Travel Necessaire Essential Guide

necessaire de viagem travel necessaire

I’ve always been a very relaxed person … except packing! I have the craze that something is going to be missing and this always reflects in my travel necessaire.

During many trips I took bottles and more bottles … of course, this ends up having consequences not only in the volume of my luggage as in its weight.

On my last trip to Indonesia, I think I finally found the balance between what I like to take with me and the space I am willing to take in the suitcase. And, as incredible as it may seem, I was able to transport almost 20 items in my small travel necessaire!

It’s all about size!

The trick is to opt for samples or the travel sizes of our usual products. There are several brands that already do them. And in the case of larger bottles, there are options on sale with the ideal size to carry only what is needed.

On my last trip I was able to take in the travel necessaire:

  • 3  hair products — From shampoo, cream, and oil. Kérastase made available this summer travel sizes in the purchase of some products from their solar collection. Well, this was ideal to take for the summer holidays;
  • 1 body cream and 1 after sun — I opted for two 100 ml IKEA vials to carry these products and still brought the rest back;
  • 1 deodorant and 1 face moisturizer — Normally, these are not large and don’t occupy so much space;
  • 1 hand cream – Try to get some samples at one of your favorite stores;
  • Contact lenses and liquid — The major stores already have several options for travel kits. You don’t need to take with you with large bottle of lenses liquid;
  • Toothbrush and toothpaste — Choose also travel sizes, which you can buy in large supermarkets;
  • 1 can of repellent — There’s not much to do here. Luckily, the packaging is not too big;
  • Soap — Do you remember those little bars of soap that you usually take with you when you visit a hotel? (Yes, don’t say you never took one home) It’s for these occasions!
  • 1 nail clipper and 1 file — “Girls thing”… not. Many friends have asked me for these items. 😉
  • Makeup — Woman doesn’t dispense her make up when traveling. But, come on, you don’t have to go all the way. A mascara and a neutral lipstick are more than enough to give a little touch on that special night.
  • Wrist bands for motion sickness — Some people opt for tablets. In my case, since I discovered these wrist bands I never leave home without them.

Curious to see how this all fits into my travel necessaire? Just watch the video!

My travel necessaire

Now that I’ve told you my secret, what’s yours? How do you usually build the travel necessaire? Share your formula in the message box below.

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