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Beaches in Algarve

Beaches in Algarve are the hidden gems of Portugal, offering a paradise where golden sands meet clear waters.

In this blog post, we’ll journey through my top 10 beaches in Algarve, each with its unique charm and allure.

Whether you’re a sun-worshipper, a surf enthusiast, or a nature lover, these beaches promise something for everyone.

So, grab your sunscreen and let’s dive into Algarve’s best coastal retreats that will leave you yearning for more.

Beaches in Algarve to explore


Carvalhal Beach

Before reaching Melides, take the sign that says Carvalhal and a whole world opens up. From the main road you can’t tell that there’s a little summer village, which culminates in an extensive beach.

It’s a good beach to take the family, but be prepared that parking also makes summer price.


Amado Beach

Next to Carrapateira, Amado became one of the busiest beaches in the south, especially for tourists trying their luck in surfing for the first time. The beach is wide and there’s room for everyone.

But be careful with what you leave in the car. Locals say that there’s a record of car thefts. So, avoid parking between caravans (and there are many stopping here) and take all your belongings with you.


Vale Figueira Beach

North wind? That seems to be no problem for those wanting to spend a day at the beach in Vale Figueira, near Aljezur.

The cliffs protect that piece of sand and the difficulty is to handle the heat. And have I told you I caught some waves here? 🙂 On days when the swell is small (too small to go around the cape and enter the south coast) this is a great option.


Beliche Beach

We have now entered into the Sagres area and of course one of my favorite for surfing.

This small beach is an enclave, well down there, so overprotected from the wind.

Also the waves here are special, because they reflect in the cliffs and form in small peaks that require some surfer mastery.

Two tips: on good days, avoid being in peak where local surfers are. They’re “attacked” all year by thousands of foreign surfers, so when it’s good, they don’t have much patience to share waves with those who aren’t from there. And also, save a little power (and willingness) to make the climb back to the car. It’s a piece of work!!


Tonel Beach

It’s the beach that receives most swell in Sagres and a good option if you want to surf on smaller days. Nevertheless, it’s not easy to catch perfect waves. Anyway, it’s worth checking it out.

Here too, attention to parking and property you leave inside your car.


Mareta Beach

The beautiful Mareta beach. And also one of the busiest, either by bathers or by surfers.

Rare are the days when the water is not green transparent and therefore always photogenic.


Barranco Beach

Near Raposeira, Vila do Bispo, this is a beach that for years and years was kept secret. It is tiny and basically paradise!!

But with time, and word of mouth, it gained more public. Mainly from the hippie community. It’s not rare to find there many caravans (sometimes too much for the space available).

There are no proper signs to indicate how to get there, but just ask some local and follow the dirt road.


Zavial Beach

A few kilometers from Barranco, through Ingrina (missed taking some pictures there!!), you will come to Zavial.

This is a very beautiful place and perfect to spend a great day at the beach. And, if there’s swell, perfect for surfing too. But attention, the waves here come with strength and for bigger days you must already have some experience to surf in this place.


Porto de Mós Beach

Along Lagos you’ll find Porto de Mós, a perfect beach for a day well spent with the family.

The entrance to the beach is always to busy, but fill up with courage and walk a little further to the right. You will find lots of sand with fewer people.

In the days that the swell enters into the south coast, this is also a good option to put the surfboard in the water.


Rocha Beach

Your typical Algarve beach: lounge chairs as far as the eye can see, local cake vendors, pedal boats, swimmers taking bath, people playing ball, etc., etc. Not to mention the bars by the beach.

It’s not (at all) my kind of beach, but here’s the tip if you want to feel the pulse of the typical Algarve summer.

Do you know Algarve? Know any other beaches that are worth visiting? Leave you comment below.


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