2 years of adventures!!

Yes, we’re celebrating today! It’s been two years since Surfer Girl On The Move was born in the blogosphere and I couldn’t be happier with the result.

It was two years of hard work. I’m not a full-time blogger and believe me when I tell you that it requires a lot of work, will, discipline and persistence to keep and grow the blog, while at the same time focusing on my day-to-day job. This without ever forgetting the personal time I dedicate to family and friends — who are always by my side — and the activities that I never want to abandon — surf, of course! 🙂

But my mother always told me: “who runs for pleasure, doesn’t get tired!” And I’m never tired of writing my adventures and trips, in order to inspire you or help you to discover our wonderful planet!

I won’t lie to you. I have my frustrating moments. I think I could always do more, always imagining new ways to promote the blog, to get it to more readers, to make it grow in a sustainable way.

I invest in myself and in this site, without ever having gained a penny with it. But I’m proud to say that everything you see here is done by me, from the design, the images, the words.

But it’s all worth it when you comment and ask questions, when a blogger I admire recognizes my work, when I exchange ideas with other travel bloggers at the end of the world and learn with them, or when I get full of ideas and willingness to travel more and more.

It was only two years and, like any child, the steps are small, but strong and full of will.

And for all of it I thank you! For accompanying me, for helping me grow and for inspiring me to go ever further.


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