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3 Magnificent Waterfalls To Discover In Asia


Worthy of a postcard, in most Asian countries there are breathtaking waterfalls. In my trips to Indonesia, and to Sri Lanka I had the opportunity to meet some of these fantastic places.

While some were easier to reach and another not so much, these three small freshwater paradises don’t leave anyone indifferent. Just see for yourself.


In the mountain

Ravana Falls – Ella, Sri Lanka

ravana waterfalls sri lanka

It wasn’t enough for the Ella area in Sri Lanka to be one of the most beautiful in the country, much sought after for trekking or for climbing Little Adam Peak, you will also find here the Ravana Falls.

The access is straightforward, being it right next to one of the main roads of the region.

Perhaps that’s why the place receives, especially at the weekend, many national visitors. In fact, when I was there, there were buses full of Sri Lankan tourists.

Not being a place entirely frequented by foreigners and although there were no rules of conduct posted, I opted for some decorum. I went into the water with surf lycra, and as I came out, I wrapped myself in the towel. I don’t think I would be thrown out if I did the opposite and was in a bikini like I am at the beach or at the hotel pool. But I think on certain occasions it’s not hard for us to act more like the locals and respect their customs.

Even a group of Buddhist monks couldn’t resist the waters of Ravana Falls!

Curious was that we were the only foreign tourists (I was the only woman going into the water), which caused a real fascination for the other visitors… there were requests for selfies with us and everything!

I have already said once that when I travel, I cannot resist photographing the natives of the places I visit, so when asked to take a photograph with me I will never say no. It’s a small way to retribute. Even if the picture ends up on someone’s Facebook page. 🙂

By the way, what are your thoughts on this? Have you ever had a stranger asking to take pictures with you? I’m curious. Share your opinion in the comments box at the end of this article.

ravana waterfalls sri lanka ravana waterfalls sri lanka


In the jungle

Jungle Waterfall – Java, Indonesia

Jungle Waterfall Java Indonesia

From Sri Lanka to the island of Java, Indonesia, where I discovered the two waterfalls that follow. The first was an adventure to find!

I was in Watu Karung, at Afis’ lodge, when he told me of a waterfall in the middle of the jungle. “Very beautiful!” He kept saying. Of course, I had to go there and see.

The next day we rented a car with a driver and went to find it. To tell you the truth, I can’t really remember how we got there. When I’m not driving, I get really distracted, and I end up not memorizing the routes. Anyway…

But our driver knew well how to get there. The waterfall is no secret kept well. It even has a little snack house when we get to the parking lot, which indicates a considerable number of visitors. But we were the only there when we arrived.

The path leading to the waterfall is already an adventure. First, we cross beautiful rice fields, so green they almost hurt our eyes. Shortly after the vegetation begins to be denser, we have to pass branches and logs, and finally, we have to go down a bamboo ladder, of doubtful aspect, so that we can reach the water’s edge.

But it’s all worth it when we arrive at the waterfall and plunge into that fresh, crystal clear water.

Jungle Waterfall Java Indonesia


On the beach

Beach Waterfall – Java, Indonesia

Beach Waterfall Java Indonesia

Of course, when they tell me about a waterfall on the beach, I had to go see with my own eyes.

In the region of Pacitan, on a beach, called Banyu Tibo, the water of the river (can I call it that?) meets the sea in a small bay. But before it hits in the sand, the locals built small ponds along the way where we can take a bath and relax.

For the more adventurous, the destination is definitely the beach, where you can have fun with the waterfall or the waves that enter through the small enclave.

Because we are at sea and especially in the rising tide, the place isn’t entirely free of risk, so everyone must go accompanied and bring a life jacket.

Another highlight on this site are the numerous restaurants where we can eat seafood. My recommendation goes to the lobsters which, accompanied by a fantastic onion sauce, was DI-VI-NE!

Beach Waterfall Java Indonesia Beach Waterfall Java Indonesia Beach Waterfall Java Indonesia


Chasing Waterfalls in Asia

Now it’s your turn! What’s the most beautiful waterfall you know or the one you’d love to visit? Give me your tips. I need more waterfalls in my life!


Chasing waterfalls

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  • Hannah

    These waterfalls look amazing I just want to jump on a plane and go to Asia. I love anything that water involved in it, I’ll be sure to check these ones out when I get the chance to visit.

    • Marlene Marques

      Hi, Hannah! So glad you liked the article. You’re like me – everything with water I just want to jump in! Hope you get to visit these waterfalls soon. 🙂

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