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7 activities to do this Spring in Europe

atividades para fazer na Europa - activities to do in Europe

Spring is here, and it’s time to get moving. Even if you are not yet planning your big annual vacation, you can start feeding your “travel bug” with a little getaway to Europe.

I will give you seven suggestions in this post, whether you love cities, museums, or nature. Choose the one you like the most and then tell me how it was!

Activities to have fun in Europe

London (England) – Climb aboard the London Eye

Who would have thought that a Ferris wheel would be one of the main attractions in London, England? But it really is! Not least because you can get one of the city’s best views from here.

The London Eye opened to the public in 2000 and takes its visitors to a height of 135 m.

Of course, being a major London attraction, there’s no lack of tourists wanting to enjoy it. So, my suggestion is to buy your ticket in advance and opt for fast-track entry.

Rome (Italy) – Visiting the Vatican Museums

Going to Rome and not visiting the Vatican is unthinkable, and even more unthinkable is not entering its incredible museums.

So many years of history concentrated in one place, full of rooms and corridors of such richness that you can’t absorb everything in a single visit.

Take a look at the post I wrote about my experience in the Vatican Museums, and know that I also advise you to buy the entrance tickets before the day of your visit.

Tenerife (Canary Islands) – Taking a catamaran cruise

If you have never been to Tenerife, it’s time to do so, and know that Spring is one of the best times to visit what is the largest island in the Canaries. After all, it’s not yet as crowded as in the summer months.

They say that Tenerife is the island of a thousand experiences, but here I only bring you one: taking a catamaran cruise while watching dolphins and even whales.

Is there a better way to experience the sea of Tenerife?

Edinburgh (Scotland) – Take the Harry Potter Tour

I’m not particularly a fan of the Harry Potter movies, but I could almost swear that on that side, there are readers who have seen them all and know the stories back to front.

If that’s the case for you, or if you have someone at home who suffers from Harry Potter fever, this suggestion is for you!

Go to Edinburgh, Scotland, and walk the streets where the Potter saga came to life.

Majorca (Spain) – Dolphin Watching

I’ve done many amazing sunrises in this life, but the one I bring you here is on my bucket list!

What would you say about going to Alcudia in Majorca and watching the daybreak aboard a boat while saying good morning to the dolphins? Sounds good, doesn’t it…

On the way, you will appreciate the coastline of what is one of the most beautiful Balearic Islands.

Paris (France) – Visiting the Louvre

Oh, the Louvre. This is a thorn in my traveler’s foot…because I’ve never visited the Louvre!!! It sounds incredible, doesn’t it? But in reality, when I was in Paris, I was so fascinated by other places, like Notre Dame or Montmartre, that when I got to the door of one of the most impressive museums in Europe, it was only an hour before closing. I didn’t go.

But don’t do as I did. If you choose to visit the “city of love” this Spring, set aside a few hours to see the Louvre.

Venice (Italy) – Visit the Basilica of Saint Mark and the Ducal Palace

My last suggestion from this list of activities to do in Europe this Spring goes to the floating city: Venice.

After the hustle and bustle of Carnival, and before it all comes back with the summer months, head to this magnificent Italian city to see some of its most iconic sites.

Over time, I have learned that guided tours are the best when visiting monuments because this is the only way to understand their history. So, I suggest you opt for a professional guide and fast-track tickets to avoid wasting time.

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Travel is back, so how about a little getaway to a European destination and enjoy the spring days with a fun activity? Here are seven suggestions.

In this post, you’ll find several suggestions for activities brought to you by my partner GetYourGuide. They are the ones I selected for you and that I believe bring you a better and different experience than what we are used to.

If you’re thinking of booking, use the links I put here. That way, I earn a small commission for the blog’s maintenance at no extra cost to you.

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