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Airport security: How to get through it like a pro

How to get through airport security like a pro

Surely it has happened to you before that you are late for your flight and suddenly find yourself in a giant queue to get through the airport security.

Contrary to your first impulse to think that it’s the fault of the security personnel who are too slow at work, most of the time the delays are really the fault of the passengers who stubbornly fail to anticipate some basic rules and delay the whole scrutiny process.

To avoid being looked down on by the other passengers for the line you are causing, I leave you here four straightforward tips to make your life and all other travelers’ lives easier when going through airport security.

Follow these easy tips to get through airport security

Follow these simple tips to quickly get through airport security on your next trip.

1. Confirm the liquids you are carrying

This is an old one, but many passengers still insist on going through airport security with liquids. Whether it’s because they didn’t remember and bought their favorite perfume outside the free shop or because they insist on taking that bottle of water or the bottle of shampoo they’ve always used.

Liquids allowed on board the plane are a maximum of 100 ml. Any size above that must be checked in hold luggage. So, review your liquids and confirm they do not exceed that measurement. Several stores already sell their proper containers to take on board.

After checking, put them all in a transparent bag and remove them from your luggage before you go through the security x-ray at the airport. Doing this will avoid being asked to open your bag and show what you have inside.

2. Take all electronic devices out of your luggage

This tip may or may not be mandatory because many airports no longer require it, especially the larger ones, such as Lisbon Airport.

So when you get to the security area at the airport, check the information boards or ask the security officer directly. Then, immediately prepare your computer or tablet to leave it out and put it in the tray if necessary.

3. Check your pockets and remove all accessories.

I wonder why men tend to always leave coins in their pockets. It could be because most choose not to use a wallet, unlike women. But you must empty your pockets into the tray before you go through the x-ray. Coins, keys, cell phone, metal watch, belt, glasses (except prescription ones), everything should come out for a more expeditious pass.

4. Remove your shoes (if requested by airport security)

Fortunately, only a few airports apply this rule, and that’s just as well because it’s a big hassle and delays the process. However, I have had to do it at airports in Asia.

But if you see that all passengers are removing their shoes, don’t be stubborn and just do it like everyone else. There’s no point in being obstinate; it only delays your entry.

By the way…

If you anticipate these four elementary rules before or as soon as you reach the security area at the airport, I’m sure you’ll get through much more quickly. You won’t have to constantly look at your watch and have enough time to grab a coffee or relax before your flight.

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Follow these simple tips to quickly get through airport security on your next trip.

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