Travel Bloggers Association born in Portugal

ABVP Associação de Bloggers de Viagem Portugueses

A few months ago I was contacted with an irrecusable challenge, perhaps one of the greatest of recent times: to join the group of founders of what is the first association in Portugal to unite travel bloggers. And, without further delay, here is the ABVP – Association of Portuguese Travel Bloggers.

The role of this organization cannot be more crucial at a time when travel blogs proliferate in Portugal, and there’s a real need to create guidelines and rules in the market, defend the rights of authors or even guide and encourage those who already have a blog in this segment or are now taking the first steps.

“We want to value the work of the travel blogger in the eyes of the market and external entities”
Alma de Viajante
Filipe Morato Gomes
Alma de Viajante

And I couldn’t be in better company! The team of founders include bloggers that I truly admire and who, in fact, have made history in the travel blog world, such as Filipe Morato Gomes (Alma de Viajante), Rui Barbosa Batista (Born Freee), Catarina Leonardo (Wandering Life), João Leitão, (João Leitão Viagens), Carla Mota (Viajar entre Viagens), Pedro Henriques (Espírito Viajante), Sofia Machado (Sofia na Austrália), Ruthia Portelinha (O Berço do Mundo) and… me! 🙂

Well, my story is not that long, considering that Surfer Girl On The Move celebrated three years last January. But the rigor I’ve been trying to instill on this platform since day one and the quality information I always strive to offer were two of the reasons that led to the invitation to join this illustrious group. I couldn’t be more honored.

ABVP Wants to Support Travel Blogger's Work

In fact, this will be one of the main challenges of the new ABVP – Association of Portuguese Travel Bloggers: create conditions in the market so that the work of travel bloggers is recognized and valued, but also rigorous.

“What we want is that the work of Portuguese travel bloggers is ever better, combining the rigor and ethics of journalism with the more intimate and experiential side that is part of the language of a blog.”
Born Freee
Rui Barbosa Batista
Born Freee

At the base of the creation of the association are guiding objectives like being a privileged interlocutor between tourism entities, local and international, and the Portuguese bloggers for paid partnerships. Also, encourage the exchange of knowledge among members and promote actions such as workshops, lectures or informal meetings. As well as create a code of ethics, to be followed by all members, and to allow greater transparency for readers and potential partners.

We are expecting times of hard work, but what’s not lacking are numerous ideas and a lot of willingness to take even further the travel bloggers work in Portugal. The sleeves are rolled up!

“One of my goals in founding the ABVP is to help bloggers look at each other as co-workers, not as competitors”
Wandering Life
Catarina Leonardo
Wandering Life

For more information about the ABVP – Association of Portuguese Travel Bloggers or how to become an associate, check out the official website.

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