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Any guide on Sri Lanka talks about the fabulous train ride that can be done in the interior of the country, passing through the fields where the famous Ceylon tea is produced.

However, on my last trip to that country, I rented a car and after much consideration on how I could make the train trip (which would mean having to return to the starting point to get the car back), we decided to take the same route but by road.

The truth is that the train allows you to have a different view of the region, but everyone with whom we spoke told us of less than pleasant experiences. Some had to seat at the door, because it was the only vacant place where they could appreciate the landscape, or take the trip (more than two hours) on foot, or even travel in the bathroom because it was the only free window.

Not wanting to risk it, we set off by car, from Kandy to Ella, passing through Nuwara Eliya, and indeed the route is magnificent! We passed by the fields of several producers, with an advantage that we can’t get by train: we stop in our way and even feel what was like to walk on those fields.

A trip through Ceylon tea

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Do you know Sri Lanka? Have you made the train trip yet? What did you think? Share your experience in the comments box.

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