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Christmas gifts for traveling surfers

Prendas de Natal para Surfistas Viajantes

By this time you should be following behind these year’s Christmas gifts and if you have friends or family surfers, the task becomes even more difficult. Add that to those surfers who just don’t stop and love to travel, it’s better to think about offering a pair of socks.

Because I don’t want you to make a bad impression, I’ve put together a set of Christmas gifts ideas for traveling surfers that might be a good choice for this season’s offerings.

Saco Para Fato de Surf

Bag for the wetsuit

This is a piece that I use whenever I go surfing. First, it serves as a rug for changing clothes; then allow us to take the wetsuit without wetting the car when we go home from the beach.
And because it’s easy to fold and doesn’t weigh much, it can always be taken on the road.

Rack para transporte de pranchas

Racks to transport surfboards

My car has bars on the roof, just like most surfers. However, when we’re traveling with multiple boards and the car is rented, there’s always the difficulty of how to carry them.
This kit is a great solution to take in your luggage and can hold up to three boards.

Mapa de surf spots

Surf spots map

So that there’s never a lack of inspiration to the traveling surfer, this surf spots map can be the ideal gift!
In addition to the illustrations, it includes more than a thousand of the best places for surfing around the world and there’s an indication of the areas with shark attack danger or the usual water temperature.

Saco de transporte à prova de água

Waterproof carrying bag

Imagine that to reach a certain wave you have to cross a river, or you go from island to island in a boat that has little more than a small cover. A waterproof carrying bag can make all the difference between being wet from head to toe or protecting your camera. Practical not only for surfing travelers but also for those who accompany them.

Surf’s Up Batman

Surf’s Up Batman

Ohhh, I can’t resist this! In addition to loving these Funko Pop! figures, a surfer Batman looks good on any surfer’s desk or home if they also love Marvel movies.

Guia Surf Travel

Surf Travel Guide

This one’s already in my home! The “Surf Travel — The Complete Guide” is an incredible book, perfect for the living room table and the house decor. In addition to talking about the best surf spots around the world, it gives you tips on how to plan your trip, fitness, and essentials to take with you.

GoPro Hero7

GoPro Hero7

Companion of all trips, my GoPro always goes into the suitcase. The GoPro Hero7 Black is a great new addition. With this you can dive up to 10 meters, it can be controlled by voice, do Livestream, and it has a more stable and crisp image.

Did you like the suggestions? What’s the biggest difficulty you feel when you have to buy Christmas presents for travelers? Share your opinion in the comment box below.

Christmas gifts for traveling surfers

Do you know a surfer who doesn't stop and loves to travel? With these suggestions, you'll be offering the best Christmas gifts of the year.
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