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Goa Gong: The thousand colors cave!

Goa Gong

On my trip to Java this summer I discovered the cave of Goa Gong by sheer chance. It wasn’t a place on the agenda, like Borobudur or Prambanan in Yogyakarta.

Who told me about Goa Gong was Afis, our host during our stay in Watu Karung. “You have to go and visit the cave,” he insisted. And so we did. On a day with fewer waves, we set off in search of this monument.

We booked a car with driver to take us there. On this trip, we hadn’t rented our own vehicle and this monument is still about 37 km from the center of Pacitan.

Goa Gong Goa Gong Goa Gong Goa Gong

A treasure hid in the mountain

To get to Goa Gong we had to walk across an overhead bridge over the jungle that stretches along the Gong-Gongan mountainside. As we arrived at the main door of the cave, we were approached by locals to rent lanterns to take inside. The entrance to Goa Gong is paid, but the lanterns are not included, so you can always bring yours and avoid more costs. Of course, the locals won’t like it…

Once inside, the humidity soon took over us and the heat is only bearable because of the large fans strategically placed in the galleries.

Goa Gong

The landscape of Goa Gong

Thousands of stalactites and stalagmites cover the floor, ceiling, and walls of that place. They are believed to be the most beautiful in Southeast Asia.

To observe this natural phenomenon, we descended to about 250 meters of depth, sometimes through metal stairs placed by the man, or by natural steps that connect the various galleries.

Goa Gong is filled with colorful lights that illuminate each cave and completely creates different atmospheres.


Blue, green, red, pink, purple. The colors changed as we passed and made the visit even more extraordinary.

The exit of the cave of Goa Gong is made by a path that leads us through small shops and stalls that sell souvenirs, clothes or small jewels. Another opportunity for the local people to make some extra money.

Goa Gong Goa Gong

What did you think of Goa Gong? Curious to see the cave? Here is another small detail of the path to the cave entrance, in the Gong-Gongan mountain. I hope you enjoy it!



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