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Group Tours 2024: Explore the world with me!

group tours 2024 Marlene On The Move

2024 will mark the beginning of my work as a group tour leader, so I couldn’t be more excited about the year ahead.

These tours will be to destinations very close to my heart, and I would love to share them with everyone who wants to join me.

I’ve always said that travel is even better when shared, and I’m sure I’ll do my best to make these adventures memorable.

The best group tours in 2024

I’m taking you to… Morocco

®Cristiano Pinto / Unsplash

Morocco will kick off my group traveling year. With Leva-me, I’ll lead avid travelers through the streets and alleys of the Marrakech medina, among the aromas of spices and the sparkles and details of Moroccan handicrafts.

We’ll lose track of time as we cross the High Atlas Mountains and Berber territories.

We’ll also plunge into the Sahara on a 4×4 adventure, soaking up all its immensity, and watch the sun set and rise in a dreamy nomad desert camp.

But these are just some of the highlights of an incredible 9-day trip, whose itinerary you can find out about in detail here.

Group Tour Dates:

April 20 – 28, 2024
May 04 – 12, 2024
July 13 – 21, 2024
October 12 – 20, 2024

And I’m also taking you to… Sri Lanka and the Maldives

Still, with Leva-me, I’m returning to two destinations that have always been at the top of my favorite places to travel: Sri Lanka and the Maldives.

Yes, we will cover both countries in one trip, and I can tell you it will be awesome!

The first six days of this adventure will be spent visiting the most emblematic places in Sri Lanka. First, Dambula and its rock-cut temples, followed by a short safari in Minneriya to see the elephants and, of course, the climb to the top of Sigiriya.

A trip to Sri Lanka would be incomplete without a train ride and a visit to the stunning tea plantations, among other stops.

After a short flight, the remaining three days of this group trip will be spent on the paradisiacal beaches of the Maldives.

The itinerary is complete, and you can find out more details here.

Group Tour date:

June 30 – July 08, 2024

The best surf trips in 2024

Let’s surf in… Morocco

Morocco surf trip
®Stacey Zinoveva / Unsplash

Back to Morocco, but this time to the coast. With the Surf Travel Academy, which I started at the end of 2023, I’m taking traveling surfers — or simply travelers who want their first surfing experience — to the Moroccan seaside.

But we will do more than hang around the waves of mythical places like Tarazout or Imsouane. We’ll visit the medina of Agadir, explore Paradise Valley, or go sandboarding where the desert and the sea meet. And how about sipping a mint tea while watching one of the most beautiful sunsets of your life?

There’s plenty to do on this surf tour, and you can learn about it here.

Surf trip dates:

March 23 – 30, 2024
November 06 – 16, 2024

We’ll also be surfing in… São Miguel, Azores

São Miguel, Azores, surf tour
®Daniel Wallace / Unsplash

Here’s another of my favorite destinations: the Azores! São Miguel was my first Azorean love, and I couldn’t be happier to take a group of travelers now to discover the island and its surf.

Sea permitting, we’ll put our surfboards in the water and feel the waves of the mid-Atlantic. Out of the water awaits us some of the most breathtaking natural landscapes you’ll ever see. We’ll hike past volcanic lakes and waterfalls, dive into thermal pools, visit Europe’s only tea factory, and taste the famous Furnas stew.

You’ll soon be able to find out about the entire trip here.

Surf trip date:

October 27th – November 2nd, 2024

And finally, surfing in… Ericeira, Portugal

Ericeira, Portugal, surf trip
®Jarno Colijn / Unsplash

Of course, my group trips had to include Ericeira. Not just because it’s my hometown but because it’s one of the World’s Surfing Reserves.

Of all the surf tours I will organize in 2024, this is the one with the most surf. We’re in the water daily, which will mean faster progress for those just starting out.

But none of my adventures can be without exploring the destination we’re in, and Ericeira is no exception. In between surf lessons, we’ll visit the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Mafra Palace and head to the mystical town of Sintra.

You can find out about other activities on the program here soon.

Surf trip date:

June 02 – 08, 2024
Always be safe while traveling with me
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As a travel leader, my mission is to provide the best mix of adventure, discovery of new cultures, and, of course, lots of fun. I want to create experiences that transcend the ordinary and provide moments that stay with us for the rest of our lives.

So join me on these group tours, and let’s make 2024 a memorable year!

Send me a message if you’re interested or want to know more about these trips.

Marlene On The Move

Marlene Marques

Marlene is the creator of Marlene On The Move. A journalist by profession, she created the blog to share her adventures around the world. It is not unusual for her to set off to discover new countries and cultures with a surfboard as luggage.



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