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Morocco Surf

Surfing in Morocco: Welcome to the Kingdom of Waves

Surfing in Morocco

Morocco has always been present in my surfing life. Not because it’s a place I’m always visiting (I wish!), but because of its proximity to Europe and Portugal, in particular.

Some say that surf entered Portugal by the hand of Europeans who passed here while heading down to Africa and would stop and show local Portuguese kids the art of riding waves.

Seeing the long waves extending throughout the coastline in surf magazines and pictures, I realized Morocco is a surfer’s paradise.

The intoxicating blend of vibrant culture, warm hospitality, and some of the finest African coast breaks always encouraged me to explore its surf-rich shores.

So, if you’re like me, strap your board to the roof of your trusty van and set off on a journey to unravel the secrets of Moroccan surfing.

Surfing in Morocco: Meet some of the surf spots

The Kingdom of Morocco offers a dazzling array of surf spots to satisfy all types of wave riders. Among the standout gems are:


surf in Taghazout
Photo by Abdessalam Belfakir in Unsplash

This charming coastal village is the epicenter of Morocco’s surf scene. Its relaxed atmosphere and vibrant surf culture are infectious. Beginners can test the waters at Banana Beach or Panoramas, while seasoned surfers can tackle the notorious Anchor Point, one of the best right-hand point breaks in the world.


surf in Tamri
Photo by Phil Stanier in Unsplash

A short drive north of Taghazout, Tamri Beach is perfect for beginners and longboard enthusiasts. The waves are gentle, and the backdrop of the Atlas Mountains adds to its allure. Is the place to go when Taghazout is small.


Imsouane is one of the most amazing surfing spots in Morocco
Photo by Natalia Łączyńska in Unsplash

Known for its endless point break, Imsouane is a surfer’s paradise. This sleepy fishing village offers an authentic Moroccan experience. You can score long rides at Cathedral Point or The Bay while enjoying the local hospitality.


Photo by Peter Schulz in Unsplash

This UNESCO World Heritage-listed town is a cultural delight. While the waves might not be as colossal as some other spots, Essaouira offers a unique surf vibe, a colorful medina, and a mix of reef and beach breaks.

Sidi Kaouki

Sidi Kaoki is an underrated surf spot in Morocco
Photo by Elisabeth Jurenka in Unsplash

A wild, undeveloped stretch of coast, Sidi Kaouki is a surreal escape for adventurous surfers. It’s a great place for solitary sessions, and you can ride waves that seem to go on forever.

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This surf tour has everything from a day trip to Imsouane to the markets in Agadir, wild walks in Paradise Valley, and sandboarding in the desert! Plus, a travel writing workshop given by yours truly in a beautiful surf villa where you can relax by the pool while sipping Moroccan tea.

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The Surf Vibe in Morocco

Surfing in Morocco is not only about the waves. Nowadays, it’s an amalgamation of local tradition and international surf culture.

Moroccans usually are gracious and welcoming, and you often find yourself sharing a tagine with new friends in beachfront cafes or joining conversational circles on the sand.

There’s a sense of community here. Surfers from around the world come together, sharing their love for the sport and embracing Morocco’s ‘no worries’ spirit.

With surf shops, yoga classes, and vibrant nightlife, Taghazout is the ultimate surf hub. Evenings are often spent sipping mint tea while discussing the day’s epic rides or exploring the local souks for treasures.

When you go surfing in Morocco you will find it has great surfing vibes
Photo by Dorel Gnatiuc in Unsplash

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Beyond the Morocco Surf

Photo by Peter Orsel in Unsplash

While riding waves is undoubtedly the highlight of any Moroccan adventure, there’s more to this country than just surfing. You find yourself wandering through the bustling medinas, discovering the enchanting architecture and savoring the flavors of Moroccan cuisine. The tantalizing aroma of tagines and the spices of the local markets are experiences you won’t want to miss.

Going beyond the coast, Marrakech and Fez offer a mesmerizing journey through time with their intricate palaces, ancient medinas, and vibrant street life. And how can anyone miss the deep blue of Chefchaouen, nestled in the mountains?

Surfing in Morocco: The Crowd Factor

Surfing in Morocco means dealing with the crowd.
Photo by Louis Hansel in Unsplash

Unfortunately, not everything is perfect in Morocco, and, as in other countries where surfing is booming, the crowd factor is a reality.

Not only the main surfing spots are filled with surfers from all over the world when the swell is good, but the local surfers and bodyboarders dominate the peak and often drop on you or don’t give you a chance to catch a wave.

Your best chance is to befriend the locals or go with the local surfing schools.

Did you know that Morocco’s World Bodyboard Champion will be hosting us on STA’s Morocco Surf Tour?

Of course, the surf crowd in Morocco varies depending on the season and the specific break. Taghazout can get extremely busy during winter as European surfers flock to the consistent waves. In contrast, spots like Imsouane can be quieter and provide more space to enjoy the waves.

Regardless of the crowd factor, don’t be discouraged, and know that the stoke of catching waves transcends language barriers.

In conclusion, Morocco is an unrivaled surf destination, offering a compelling blend of world-class waves, rich culture, and a welcoming surf community.

Whether you’re chasing epic swells, immersing yourself in the local culture, or simply seeking a new adventure, Morocco’s shores will leave you with unforgettable memories and a longing to return.

In the end, you’ll say: “Shukran (Thank you), Morocco, for the waves, the memories, and the unforgettable journey.”

Surfing in Morocco
Experience the ultimate thrill of surfing in Morocco. Discover perfect waves and a vibrant culture that makes Morocco a paradise for surfers.
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