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Universal Studios


Halloween is one of the most fun (and scary) holidays in the United States. Therefore, and although it was early October when I visited Los Angeles for the first time, the Universal Studios are one of the first places to get into the Halloween spirit.

This year one of the main attractions is The Walking Dead, which invites us into a nightmare of zombies … FEAR! But for the days leading up to Halloween, Horror Nights promise to give a lot of sleepless nights… I WANT TO GO! 😉

When I visited the studios in 2011 (this blog didn’t exist yet), zombies already walked the park’s streets, with murderers clowns and possession scenarios, among other gruesome details.

Now, we’re talking about one of the world’s largest film studios, so I can ensure you that the scenarios are quite realistic and the actors do a great job performing their evil roles!

Thus, to enter into the spirit of Halloween, here are some pictures. 😀

halloween halloween-2 halloween-5 halloween-6 halloween-7

Been to the Universal Studios? What did you like the most? What’s the scariest character that you would definitely run from if you saw it on the street? The comments box is all yours!


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