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I heard that today, August 31, marks the International Blog Day, so what better opportunity to extend a big THANK YOU to all who follow this travel website? 🙂

The blog is brand new and taking the first steps in this great universe of travel blogs, but in these few months of existence has already allowed me to tell some of my adventures, meet other fantastic travelers and, above all, challenge me to write better.

At the end, it’s the result of the union of two great passions in my life: travel and writing. And you have been there, reading, commenting, sharing it.

Therefore, and because every celebration has to have presents, here’s a small gift for all my dear readers, the returning and for those who are visiting for the first time: a list of items to take on a trip!

To Print in this International Blog Day!

International Blog Day

So you don’t forget anything next time you pack. GOOD TRAVELS! 🙂