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Josefa D’Óbidos Hotel – Eyes on History

Josefa D'Óbidos Hotel Portugal

Óbidos has always been close to me, whether in brief visits I made or in the work events that took me inside the wall. But I had never spent the night in the medieval village before.

I recently had the opportunity to do so in what I believe to be one of the best hotels in the area: Josefa d’Óbidos.

Glued to the walls of the Óbidos Castle, this accommodation, which started out as a simple lodging, is today a renovated, pleasant, and welcoming space. The perfect starting point for exploring Óbidos.

Josefa D'Óbidos Hotel Portugal

From the dream, Josefa D’Óbidos is born

The story of Josefa D’Óbidos could be like that of so many other hotels. But not. This accommodation in the West of Portugal arose from the dream of a man who dedicated his life to the production of bread but was not afraid to see the village’s potential and roll up his sleeves.

When Óbidos still had few places where visitors could spend the night, Josefa D’Óbidos appeared in 1986 with just eight rooms. As time went by, it expanded the offer.

Today, the hotel has 30 rooms and two suites, as well as a room adapted for reduced mobility.

Blue is my color!

It was in one of those suites that I stayed in. The Blue Room gets its name from the predominant color that exists on the walls and furniture. A turquoise blue that contrasts with the brown of the castle wall that peeks out of the windows.

Josefa D'Óbidos Hotel Portugal
Josefa D'Óbidos Hotel Portugal

The bed was also one of the most comfortable I have ever slept in, and the cleanliness was impeccable.

In fact, in the pandemic context we are experiencing, Josefa D’Óbidos has installed strict protocols concerning cleaning, letting the rooms comply with a “quarantine” before the arrival of the next guests.

Breakfast is delightful, and they also have areas for relaxation and fun, from the bar with a snooker table to the patio to enjoy the most pleasant afternoons and evenings or a reading corner near the reception.

Josefa D'Óbidos Hotel Portugal
Josefa D'Óbidos Hotel Portugal

Activities for all tastes

As I said earlier, Josefa D’Óbidos is a high starting point to discover the medieval village. We can do it on our own initiative. Still, the hotel offers bicycles to anyone who wants to travel around Óbidos on two wheels.

You can also ask to do some programs with local partners, such as taking a carriage ride, having a picnic next to the castle walls, or participating in nautical activities in the incredible Lagoa de Óbidos.

The experience at Josefa D’Óbidos was incredible. The family spirit that exists in this hotel, even among the staff, makes us feel so welcome, and we just want to come back again and again.

Josefa D'Óbidos Hotel Portugal

What did you think of Josefa D’Óbidos? Do you already know Óbidos or have a visit in your plans? Use the comment box below to give your opinion.

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Peaceful nights and days of discovery are the perfect formula at Josefa D’Óbidos Hotel. This accommodation overlooking the castle wall is the ideal starting point for exploring the West of Portugal's most well-known medieval village.

A note from Marlene …

I stayed at the invitation of Josefa D’´Óbidos, and I can’t help but thank them for all the sympathy and hospitality I received. But, as always, all the photos and opinions are mine, honestly reflecting the whole experience.
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