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Lapoint El Salvador – With El Sunzal at the doorstep

Lapoint El Salvador aerial image

Lapoint Surf Camp was the place I chose to spend my first two weeks in El Salvador. After the incredible experience I had in Sri Lanka, I was looking forward to staying at a Lapoint again. And the expectation was again exceeded!

Opened in August 2022, this surf camp, also known as LaOla, is right in front of one of the country’s best and most well-known waves, El Sunzal. So the sound of the ocean accompanies you day and night! And when I say right in front… I mean, REALLY right in front, since there is a gate directly to the beach. So you step out of your room and into the sea!

The four-story building extends up the hillside to the sand, and the top floor is used as a yoga deck or to hold other events, like a movie night.

During my stay, I had the opportunity to have two yoga classes with the incredible Lidia, a yoga teacher during the day and a DJ at night. As she is also a surfer, she understands the physical needs of those who spend the day in the water. She teaches us the poses and movements that can help us physically without forgetting the mental side.

With the El Sunzal wave always in sight

On the next two floors of the Lapoint El Salvador are the rooms, all with ocean views, and there are two more accommodations in the pool area… and what a pool! Although small and not very deep, I spent hours soaking in there, watching the many surfers in El Sunzal.

One of the rooms in Lapoint surf camp in El Salvador
The room near the pool where I stayed
View of El Sunzal wave from the restaurant area
View from the ground floor

Finally, the ground floor is where the surfboards, beach access, and the restaurant area, the Pepenero, are located. Guided by chef Enrique Arguello, this is where healthy and careful meals and some more local flavors are served.

Also, the Lapoint team, led by Anina, is tireless in making us feel welcome and helping with any and all needs.

Whether you want to surf for the first time or already have some experience, the Lapoint in El Salvador it’s a great option. It works with one-week packages that include accommodation, transfer to and from the airport, meals, yoga sessions and surf lessons given by Javier and his team of teachers.

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Lapoint El Salvador

Lapoint El Salvador is the perfect place if you are looking for a relaxed atmosphere where Salvadoran surfing is breathed and lived.
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