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OHAI Nazaré – In nature, by the sea

OHAI Nazare Glamping Portugal

On my recent visit to Nazaré and the surrounding area, I decided to do something completely different in Portugal: stay in a glamping! For a long time, I’ve crossed on the internet with incredible images of this type of accommodation. When I heard that there’s one right outside that village, I had to go and try it!

OHAI Nazaré is an incredible place! First, because it’s located in an extraordinary natural environment — Parque Park, the most significant ecological reserve of pine trees in the Iberian Peninsula. Secondly, because everything in this camping resort is thought from an environmental point of view. It has several eco-friendly policies in place, uses construction materials that impose the least impact on nature, and promotes environmentally-friendly habits among all guests.

OHAI Nazare Glamping Portugal

Getting to know OHAI Nazaré

I’d seen the OHAI Nazaré map before my visit, but nothing prepared me for what I found. The resort extends over eight hectares, full of accommodation ranging from glamping tents — where I stayed —, bungalows, small apartments, and even parcels where it’s possible to park motorhomes.

Despite having a large number of visitors, the striking thing is that, on the weekend that I was there, the place is so vast that I didn’t even realize that the resort’s capacity was quite full.

But the good thing about this place is not only the accommodations. OHAI has various types of equipment and activities ranging from swimming pools (outdoor and indoor), gym, water park, and children’s spaces, among other fun offers. If you have kids, this is a place they’ll love!

OHAI Nazare Glamping Portugal
OHAI Nazare Glamping Portugal
OHAI Nazare Glamping Portugal
OHAI Nazare Glamping Portugal
OHAI Nazare Glamping Portugal

Dinner at Dasos

OHAI has a great restaurant, Dasos, with a menu that fetches the best of what Nazaré offers. I was expecting more common Portuguese dishes, but what came to the table were elaborate meals, made with the best local products. For example, I tried a chef’s salad that curiously used the cured fish that can be seen drying in the “paneiros” seen on the Nazaré beach.

A tent in the trees

As for the glamping where I stayed, I couldn’t have been more satisfied. The place is spacious, fully equipped with a kitchenette and a private bathroom. Although we were only two, the tent has a capacity for four people. It has two comfortable beds, one on the “lower floor” and another on an elevated floor, accessed by an interior staircase.

All glamping tents also have a small balcony, to eat or relax with your eyes on the pine forest and listen to the wind passing through the treetops.

OHAI Nazare Glamping Portugal
OHAI Nazare Glamping Portugal
OHAI Nazare Glamping Portugal
OHAI Nazare Glamping Portugal

The only drawback I found in this place is that it makes us forget that we are actually camping and that we may end up hearing some of the noise that comes from our neighbors.

An experience to repeat

My experience at OHAI Nazaré was super enjoyable, and I recommend staying here to anyone who wants to spend a few different days, full of activities and with Nazaré and the beach a short distance away.

As this is a trendy camping resort in the area, I recommend that you make your reservation well in advance.

For more extended periods or considering a weekend getaway with your family, this is undoubtedly a different accommodation option.

What did you think of OHAI Nazaré? Is it a type of accommodation that you would like to try? Use the comment box below to give your opinion.

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Would you like to spend a few days in the largest pine reserve on the Iberian Peninsula and two steps from incredible beaches? If so, take a look at OHAI Nazaré.

Marlene’s note

I was invited to stay at the OHAI Nazaré, and I have to thank for all the kindness and hospitality. But, as always, all the photos and opinions are mine, reflecting the whole experience honestly.
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